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i think my kink is people smarter than me

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Tired: tired, wired, inspired
Cool: fool, cool, drool
Possum: lost em, bossed em, possum

oh apparently i was on my way to a neutron highwtay cuz my destination was set to a neutron star and now i dun know where i was gonna go

what was i doing?? i guess passenger missions

okay time to fly aronud my virtual space ship

for the first time ever i've used a cw to /not/ read something i was sure was goin to upset m

i can't believe my job is practicaly hanging out with weird nerds on the internet and making computers do things

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Listen buddy, ol' pal ol' friend 'o mine...

Ya think I got this powerful and cute by not bein' trans?


You fool! Being trans is the source of my power. I only get stronger and cuter the more trans I get!

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wow there's four separate headpat emotes :patcat: :blobpats: :headpats: :dragnpats:

pats for all cuties who want them

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