Made a friend on the way to work and took these gorgeous photos of whoever this feline creature is. No collar or bell was sad to see as I do not agree with outdoor cats (specifically in the UK) and especially without bells.

This gorgeous creature was so friendly I could have picked her up. Made my morning so here's some cute pics to hopefully make you all smile somewhat

Walking back from therapy and I accidentally end up in a farm field. Lovely views and even saw a kite (bird) hovering above my head. No idea what the crop is. I ended up making a 30 minute walk a 50min one due to natural distractions. Still, look at these cute pictures I took.

Today is day one 1 of being on testosterone blockers and 1 year and a few days being in hormones!!! I'm very happy and can't wait to see the results come through!!!!! A very happy day for me

I'm just here to announce how much I want to waltz to this with someone

but also, I am not a good dancer, so prepare to be stepped on by my cloven hooves XD

i keep forgetting basic things about myself and that leads me to struggle with absolutely everything, including basics of planning and motivating myself. i'm going to hypocritically recommend this practice:

i keep returning to my own book but it's too unwieldy to remind me of anything. it's great to work in and figure things out but the conclusions get lost. i think... a combination of that and the index card vision board thing below might work?

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First day on estrogen!!! I'm so happy taken some pictures as references. Supposed to be before and I figured I'm not gonna see a change in a few hours. I plan to try and take weekly pics to see any changes. Comments, boosts etc are all fine.

Thought I'd pop this here just in case, I'm very new to the tagging and content warning system here, if there's any issues please let me know and I'll be sure to clear it up etc. The last thing I want to do is trigger someone or upset someone or make anyone feel uncomfortable.

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I'm so happy right now, I thought I'd have to wait till next month for the medication but I've received this today, I'm assuming the drs have received this too, so I'm going to call tomorrow to check they've got it and when it'll be processed.

I've been waiting so long and I'm finally here, excited to see the changes and growth to come!!!! Also enjoy a picture of me celebrating with a. User which I rarely have anymore!!

Gripped by the want to play older Pokémon I have decided to attempt the Nuzlocke challenge on emerald.

A nice thing about being enby 

No matter who I am attracted to or who is attracted to me it is always gay <3

I want to start documenting or blogging or tracking my transition again. A way to look back, see progress and even share it with others. I will be starting hormones soon, something i've been incredibly excited for.

I was meant to start HRT this month but short staff meant i gotta wait until next month. Kinda sucks but i do have voice training soon too. Lots of change and I want to use it to propel myself into moving forward with myself.

having a platform I feel I can do this now is awesome!!

want to find more queer people near me or at least same country. not sure you can search by location on this

Avatar, the last air bender has crept back up on all my feeds. This makes me so happy, a rewatch is defintely overdue.

2/? #art #mastoArt

:flan_think:​ the fake pulp novel covers will continue until someone writes one

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nsfw; naked picture of a woman. 

@mbellem Of course! Thank you for putting a lovely trans body on my timeline!

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