Pockets: where to put your hands when you don’t know what to do with your arms

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remember kids: "ufo" doesn't mean "alien spacecraft", it just means "unidentified flying object". anything in the sky can be a ufo if youre bad enough at identifying things

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amatonormativity and heteronormativity are so deeply intertwined they are often indistinguishable and inseparable.

dismantling amatonormativity can never be done without also dismantling heteronormativity.

#amatonormativity #heteronormativity

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Agender folks get to have gender repeal parties.

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im not ace or aro in the fucking slightest people are just fucking stupid and disrespectful to them and i 8n't Havin That Chief. if you're ace/aro ily. if you're an exclusionist literally 8lock me. thanx

I ran out of energy and feel like dying and it’s only noon. How’re y’all’s lives going?

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Gay demonic suggestion: Show more

And of course I couldn’t even talk to them because I’m a task-oriented anxiety goblin and I had shit I was doing at the time

Ohmyfuckohmyfuck there’s somebody on campus who’s really cute but I have to avoid looking too often cause I don’t want them to think I’m staring at them because they’re bald

Like, no sweetie, you’re just attractive and I’m too bi to live

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sewing! - and masculinity, gendering, misogyny, environmental pol Show more

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My hubris won’t be my downfall because I’m just a huge blob of hubris in a trench coat. I’ll be my own downfall, thank you

What’s romance? I’ve never heard of that. Can you eat it?

genital mention, in a trans positive way Show more

Having thick thighs means you can hold more dogs in your lap, and really, is there anything not to love about increased lap capacity?

Sorry fandoms, I only RP with close friends and that’s because I suck at it and only people who can put up with my bullshit should be subjected to my sad attempts

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imagine posting from a computer


*empties this whole bottle out and then fills it with grape flavored koolaid*

*drinks it in public*

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