I’m glad the Internet loves dogs too

I feel weirdly guilty about it but I personally think anything can be made to look way cooler if it’s set on fire. Dunno why. Aesthetic, I guess.

Guess who’s getting back into writing with fanfic

Haven’t written this much since my clinical depression killed my drive to do anything I enjoyed

I forgot how I always start with something simple and then just let everything evolve into chaos

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Usually I don’t have a good reason to stay up painfully late but last night I fucked up my sleep schedule for good reason!

My dog is scared of thunderstorms, he needed me.

Is it overkill to consider going into the witness protection program when you realize there’s a chance tumblr drama could follow you to mastodon

Hack: brain keeps telling you all your art is bad and you should give up? Draw something really stupid. Make it cursed. Put big beefy human legs on a bird. Just completely fuck around. Your tiny mistakes don’t matter when the end result isn’t even serious.


negative/depression venting/parents who suck at being parents 

I’m better at video games than I am at being a person

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r/traa post, may contain sensitive content 

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r/traa post, may contain sensitive content 

Yes, I need attention to live. What about it?

I forget about this site for a few months and then suddenly I’m blowing up.

Great, you’ve all learned how to summon me.

If something was pi inches long, would anyone ever notice?

I hate when people ask me questions and then act like I can only answer yes or no to any of it when a serious answer would require at least eight paragraphs

Why do people get upset if their kid turns out to be queer? Why is that a thing?

Statistically, queer people are uncommon. Like shinies in Pokémon. Why get mad cause you caught a shiny?

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