If there are any white leftists wondering why non-white leftists do not trust you, just consider the politics of the Fediverse.

That should tell you everything you need to know.

You lot suck and you know it.

Feelings are not facts. Feelings can inform but they also misinform, especially when something like complex trauma is involved.

You do not get a pass as a white leftist just because you’re not a conservative, liberal, or a fascist.

You signed up to do better than your white counterparts and thus far, you have fuck all to show for it.

Now… the old Bæ Grylls would tell you something like “Do better” but I know better now. Until I see better, I regrettably have to conclude that you’re incapable.

I speak as someone who has been defamed and demeaned by white leftists. I speak from experience as someone that’s been subject to harm born of whisper networks run by white trans women; some of whom I trusted. I have been kicked out of parties like the Party of Socialism and Liberation based on absolutely nothing more than malicious rumours and hearsay. When I offered to show evidence of my innocence, I was denied.

I have never gotten justice. I have never gotten to clear the air.


A Black queer immigrant in the United States. Someone with more political acumen in two countries than they could hope to have in their whole fucking lives based in one city.

It plays out online precisely like it does in real life. Your arrogance is disgusting. The left is truly only a vehicle for white people to get what they’ve felt entitled to since childhood. You lot don’t build community. You create cliques.

You destroy what little hope we have left when you behave this way.

You’ll find this hard to believe but I don’t believe separatism is the answer so don’t start that non-sequitur, strawmanning bullshit with me.

I do believe non-white people on the left have to coalesce without white people not in spite of you but because you refuse to learn, unlearn, change, and grow.

You just want what white conservatives want: absolute dominion and an pristine image curated by you and people you like. Not trust.

I won’t call you childish. That’d be slanderous to children.

And to tell you the truth, I should’ve seen this coming with the advent of the third wave of white feminism.

I should’ve listened to my gut and not given any of you the benefit of the doubt. Time and time again, I see non-white people reach out to white people with a genuine desire to work together and all white people tend to do is further their opportunistic behaviour.

It’s not about all of us. Not to white people. You love our labour, not us.

Can you do better? I don’t think so anymore.

In a way, I find myself in the same crushing position that Martin Luther King Jr was in after he made his famous I Have A Dream speech. Only I’ll go one further: it’s not just white moderates that are an obstruction to progress. White leftists are too.

I was just in Washington D.C. in June and as I rocked up to the spot where he once stood and made that speech, I sighed deeply and said “They didn’t hear to a word you said, Dr. King.”

And yet… I still will push you people to do better.

Only this time?

I’m going to give you lot the same hell I give white conservatives.

The bullshit stops today.


I don’t know how many times I’ve got to see this film.

Take any marginalised white class — cis gay white men, cis white women (regardless of sexuality), trans white women (regardless of sexuality, white enbies FFS — and I’ll show you how they mobilised not to make things more equitable for everyone but only for themselves.

Sylvia Rivera got booed for this? Marsha P. Johnson threw a brick… for this?

You should be ashamed of you had the propensity to feel it. But you don’t so I won’t bother.

Anyway, I’ve said what I’ve said.

If you’re upset or mad at me for what I’ve said, consider this: the truth is not a weapon but it usually pisses you off before it sets you free.

Perhaps if you hadn’t lied to yourself so much, you would t be so angry.

And if you think my diatribe means I hate white people?

You’re more pathetic and hopeless than I could ever adequately express.

And that’s the thing isn’t it?

We live in a dystopian world where the fragility of white people is so extreme that any critique of white people’s individual and/or collective behaviour — no matter how mild or how strong — is immediately, insidiously, and falsely conflated with sentiments like “white genocide” and “Oh, that must mean you hate white people!”

That’s how monumentally FUCKED UP the world is. That’s what white supremacy has done to us all.

See you all in hell.

@theauracle There's pockets of self-styled radical communists/anarchists on here taking every chance they get to swipe at intersectionality for this exact reason and because they fear the introspection and actually doing any tangible work beyond for their own ends, you're absolutely not wrong

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