Right, listen.

It’s fucking pathetic to hate children. You have to be the most miserable waste of energy, air, blood, bones, tendons, muscles, and skin to hate children for being children.

Never mind the fact that you were a child once. Presumably, you were an ugly ass baby in your infancy and a right brat from the toddler stage straight through to adolescence.

Doesn’t matter. To hate a human being cor simply being in their early stages of human development is 100% asinine behaviour.

Like… I can’t even say “grow up” here because it’s not a case of immaturity at work. This is a case of illogical ideology at work.

The world is already largely inaccessible to children. Throughout many cultures, children are expected to be seen and not heard. They’re constantly having their intelligence insulted instead of enriched.

Childhood is fucking traumatic.

So if you hate kids, just know that you’re scum of the earth and you should be a full-time recluse.

@theauracle my issue boils down to one thing : finding the right words, once i figured out the basic language of children...

kids are /fucking smart/

hooooooooly shit will they make you question anything you hold close or dear and they will be /right/ the whole fucking time too

best skill i ever sought out in life

folk who hate children are very likely to never admit they are wrong or their world view could use some upkeep

@theauracle Fuckin' A

Children are experimental scientists, discovering the physical world, psychology, sociology, and their own internal landscape from first damn principles,

and displaying the sort of joy with their findings that most adults can only dream of

They live delighted in a world that wears us down. They still experience pure hope.

Sorry if some of the only people capable of having a good time spilled your coffee, bruh. Get up & order another.

@theauracle it's so fucking weird and gross

So many people would rather decide that children are unlovable than just... admit that maybe they don't have it in them to give that love. Conflicts of needs happen! Nobody has to be the bad guy, but it's especially silly to assign Bad Guy status to someone who literally just arrived on the fucking planet.

I have a lot of reasons why I don't think I'm well-suited to be around kids, but that means it's my job to make sure they aren't around someone who can't treat them as well as they deserve.

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