So Boris Johnson watered down the ministerial code to the point where only the Prime Minister can effectively remove the Prime Minister.

I totally saw this coming but everyone kept saying he was finished.

That’ll learn you lot about so-called “value neutral systems.” The whole point of being a tyrannical politician is that there’s no process that they’ll willingly submit themselves to… because they are tyrannical.

Maybe now you lot will stop being nice and move to this fascist motherfucker.

If authority can change the laws, bylaws, and rules authority are meant to be beholden to, that’s how you know law isn’t and never will be sacrosanct; nor can it ever be an arbiter for upstanding ethics and morality.

@theauracle is the only other method of removal, now, somehow getting a by-election in the constituency he is elected to represent?

@athairbirb Not according to the way the ministerial code has been rewritten. As long as the prime minister is prime minister, the only vote of confidence that matters is the prime minister’s.

@theauracle @athairbirb meanwhile in Scotland: yes! we totally wanna stick with this tranwreck!

@meena yup, the darned 55%! Sadly, these outcomes were predicted by the 'Yes' lot in 2014. I wish they weren't so prescient


@theauracle right? The Westminster system already had some big holes, and people placed too much trust in “convention” (as we have done in the US too). Write shit down clearly and restrict power.

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