So a right-wing coup was pulled off in Bolivia and hardly anyone is covering it here in the United States because... reasons?

@theauracle it was lead story on the news I saw this morning

@theauracle I don’t recall—wife had the TV on and I was pretty sure it was at the top of their local newscast.

To be honest I’m feeling a little sheepish making an assertion like that without details—sorry about that.

@zigg I mean... if you caught it on a local news broadcast, that's good. i haven't seen anything outside of Guardian write-up.

@theauracle NY Times has a pretty long article about the events:

But don't expect them to call it a coup directly - instead they're going with a "both sides" angle, where leftists call it a coup and the last line is a quote of Bolsonaro of all people, trying to make leftists look ridiculous.

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