If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm a big fan of hip-hop. I'm probably a bigger stan of the producers than I am the emcees but still love it all.

Again, today's crop of beatmakers/producers are phenomenal. They are completely tapped into what made the 90s so magical and stopped short of simply imitating it. Enter Richmond, VA's own Ohbliv. One of my faves.

That Southern Blend tape is well worth your time by the way. Love the juxtaposition between southern hip-hop emcees and beats that are more NY or Midwest oriented.

Totally inspired work.

@theauracle It's legit about to be another Golden Age, man. These kids are really putting in the work.

Ohbliv, Knxwledge, T.Hemmingway, Swarvy, Mndsgn, Devin Morrison, B. DeShay, Suzi Analogue

The list goes on and on. There's so much quality stuff coming out constantly...

@Are0h It's too much quality. Knxwledge is my absolute fave of the bunch. That man is silly with it.

@Are0h Fam, listen. The way this joint produced the meanest screwface while I'm bopping all over the place...

@Are0h Fuego, family. I have to bounce to a meeting but this isn't over. We're picking this up later. LOL.

@Are0h Had to loop that last one. Gahtdamn, I love this... right. Seent, call't, and raise't.

@Are0h @theauracle

Just want to say: having the two of you on my timeline discussing hip hop is positively amazing, even as I don't have the slightest who and what you're talking about and no interest to find out.

(Meaning it's cool to see you guys connect and exchange artist names and whatnot)

@CheshireEmber @Are0h Hahaha... we go way back on this kind of thing and it's always delightful. If it gives others joy as well, that's a bonus.

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