It's getting to the point where I may take out a YouTube Premium subscription just to stop seeing all of these goddamn conservative/alt-right ads.

Mate, when I'm watching sport highlights and John Oliver clips, I don't need to be told about Steven fucking Crowder and his cronies. Also, stop asking me if Trump is doing a good job. The entire fucking world can see he's not.

On the other hand though, I don't feel like YouTube deserves my coins based purely on that fact. I turned off ad suggestions and everything else that YT/Google uses to suggest shit I don't need and want. Now look.

Goddamn it, man. And these fascist bastards have the unmitigated gall to suggest they're being censored when they're paying hand over fist to thrust their propaganda in everyone's face.

@theauracle I pay for premium for two reasons - first because I just watch a disgusting amount of youtube and it's worth it to me to skip all the ads. But the other reason is that I'm just happier when I feel like I'm directly paying for videos/infrastructure with money rather than by paying nebulously with ad access to my eyes

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