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I just had my father-in-law remark that it was strange for a 2-year-old to be interested in cleaning implements, "especially a boy" (my nephew)

Omgwtfbbq why do you need to gender an interest in an appliance??? It's a vacuum it makes vroom noises of course he likes it

I am visiting Napa Valley, California

Two wine tastings in one day and I am DONE ngl I am pretty toasty

HelloOOOOooo Masto-friends how are y'all doin'

another odd thing about being 30 is this nature calling telling u to change drastically the directions of your life, specially about work. if you work as graphic designer, why not become a bicycle mechanic? thoughts like that make a lot of sense when u are 30.

@tardybox I wish I could get her to open up to me more. I always call her when something minor sets me off at work, or I'm having "a case of the sadbrains". I wish she would remember that that's what I'm here for, even if I'm not physically with her I can be an emotional support for her. Her mom said the same thing, E. has this whole support structure but she doesn't use us enough.

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@tardybox I'm just really worried about her codependency. I love being with her, but if I had to travel for work or something... It scares me that it's only been 2 days and she got herself so worked up. Plus she never calls or texts me when she's depressed or anxious, like when she starts to have bad brain feels she doesn't immediately reach out. She didn't call me today until she was already at the hospital.

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@tardybox My wife is trans and she has been smoking on and off since we met. I thought she had quit until we went camping over the summer, she bummed a cigarette off one of our friends who was smoking and that got her on it again.

But you're not supposed to smoke when you take estrogen pills. They told her that at the hospital, which I guess is the one good thing to come out of this.

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I'm worried about my wife, and I don't know who to talk to, so I'll just ramble here because no one knows me irl here.

I'm on vacation with her family for Thanksgiving. She had to stay home because she has class until Wednesday.

I'm... better at being away from her than she is being separated from me. It's only Day 3 (I flew out Saturday morning) and today she was panicking so bad she went to the hospital thinking she was having a heart attack.

Don't know if there's a user on here who posts nice reminders like that one account on the birdsite, but:

Here's your reminder ~ drink some water!! (I just remembered)

So, ! Because apparently my first intro got eaten by the Masto-gods.

I'm a senior tech support rep at an eprescribing company. Cis female lesbian, she/her. Wife and cat mom. I love pretty ladies, musicals, sci-fi/fantasy, and sometimes crafty things. (I'm an amateur at cross-stitch and also occasionally make garb for SCA). Amateur cook and gardener too, I guess? I think that covers most of it.

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