See below for fedi basics. If you got questions just ask!

- Toots = tweets
- Boosting = Reblogging
- Favoriting logs a copy of a toot on your server for a while and lets a person know you liked what they said.
- Be nice in people's mentions. If you try to force people to like/listen to you, you won't like the results.
- PLAY WITH THE INTERFACE, make a poll for stupid reasons. CW a meme. People will probably think it's funny and join in.


Blocking is really easy in mastodon if you find something is bothering you.

- You can mute individuals to hide their posts.
- You can block individuals to keep them from interacting with you.
- You can block entire instances from interacting with your account specifically.
- You can report users or instances to your local admin if problematic people affect the whole community
- You can filter out specific words to auto-hide posts on your timeline


There is a button on your profile that says "Lock Account." This doesn't disable your account. It allows you to personally approve or deny every potential follower. Unlocked accounts can be followed by anyone, including bots.

And lastly, toots are not searchable unless they're in your favorites or tagged. Tagging works like everywhere else, but the fedi doesn't have keyword searching so tag anything that you want to be super public.


I forgot to mention how to add descriptions to images.

When you attach an image to a toot it shows up on the bottom of the toot edit box. Tapping or clicking on this image directly, or pressing the edit button on the top right of image (depends on your app) will open a menu so you can embed a description into the image itself.

This description will appear on the screen when users fullscreen view the image.

Jk, apparently only certain apps make the description visible to people without screen-readers.

@supercritical hey I hope this is ok to ask! I've been on here since like, summer I think, but still figuring stuff out. Saw you posted a video from peertube and was wondering if you know of any good peertube instances? I tried looking a couple months ago but only saw a bunch of alt-right conspiracy ones.


Leftubers seem to be concretely stuck on youtube for their monetization strategies to work. I'd like to see more good peertube instances, but it's up to users/admins to make one.

@makeupnyoung i saw your toot about getting started w mastodon - this thread is really useful, and you can also type questions you have about mastodon and tag @mastodonFAQ and your question will be posted to the faq page to be answered! (tagging a page will mean your toot gets posted to that page) hope this helps

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