maybe if you get exposed to enough genders, you get superpowers

@KitRedgrave I'm at four, how many do I need to get these powers :D :D :D :D :D :D

@KitRedgrave I mean, do I have to have all those genders PERSONALLY? Cus like, I could take on a couple more I guess, but like, its already sometimes hard telling them apart.....

Cus I just hang around people of lots of genders to get the super power? Would that work?

Cus I really want teleportation so I can visit Seattle whenever I want.... ;)

@storm you just have to be exposed to them :p like getting bit by a radioactive spider or bathing in cosmic rays


@KitRedgrave Right, but like, what count as exposed?

Talking to them online? Getting tea? Cuddling? Canoodling?

(HUH, Firefox's spellcheck knows the word Canoodling)

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