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hiya pals, so I'm not shutting this account down because I really like, but a small group of us have set up our own instance so I'll primarily be tooting from over there now

if you want to follow me it's at (link: @stillicides)

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Thirty year old bi/ace agender person who's into reading, animals, (some) video games. Married to a cishet man (he can't help it, bless him!) with three dogs, two rabbits, and a chinchilla.

Radically fat positive, ACAB, ALAB, fuck TERFS and SWERFS. I am pro workers rights, including sex workers! Full decrim now!

Severely mentally ill (BPD and GAD) and autistic, can't work and don't want to.

Try to practice radical kindness, often fall short. Will use any CW you ask me to x

hiya pals, so I'm not shutting this account down because I really like, but a small group of us have set up our own instance so I'll primarily be tooting from over there now

if you want to follow me it's at (link: @stillicides)

Instance block 

Good morning, if you already blocked, you'd do well to also block as well.

This is especially imperative for admins because the admin of that instance is an right-wing edgelicker who abuses her admin powers to bypass post privacy.

I don't blame the mods per se. I blame Wheaton's white, cis, male, thin skinned attempt to invoke the same power structures that protect him here on the shitty crypto-fascist birdsite.
He's the internet equivalent of the white ppl who call the cops on black ppl having a bbq in the park.

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btw followers if you are wanting to move instance, is treating me well so far, for whatever that's worth

The Mastocourse, nazi mention 

@Caelyn ... grew past. I've already seen people bringing up the Nazi thing and I'm facepalming because I've spent the past year or so having to point out that we're being very specific about how we treat Nazis and folks are calling for people they don't like to be included in the same category. Really not helping the cause, peeps!

At the end of the day, do wtf you want, but please think about the environment you want to create.

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The Mastocourse, nazi mention 

@Caelyn ... to send abuse to celebrity dickheads without consequence. If that's what you want in a masto instance, by all means go for it, but I don't think it's going to turn out how you think it will.

Creating exceptions for very subjective categories of acceptable targets is what allows toxic callout culture to thrive. It's how far right assholes get Trump-criticising directors fired over ten year old shitty jokes they already apologised for and demonstrably...

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The Mastocourse 

So, the whole thing about the fediverse, right, is that instance admins can choose how to run their instances and if you don't like how things are being run on your instance, you can move!

Now, I want an instance where dickheads are not welcome. I also want an instance where, if some rando calls me a little bitch, my admin will deal with it. These are not contradictory desires.

What I'm seeing is lots of people who want a safe, well-moderated space, but also want to be able...

everyone that's migrating off don't feel bad about boosting the shit out of your migration posts so everybody can refollow

wesley crusher 

we all have a distaste for wheatman but we knew that the mods in the main instances probably wouldn't touch him, this is why I blocked him as soon as he reared is head on the tootsite, as I believe we all should do.

dunking is fun and all, but 1) it gets us nowhere, 2) it's a product of birdsite indoctrination, and 3) it gets us in trouble

so let's just block him and pretend he doesn't exist, because that's fun

birdsite, bigotry, politics, rant 

been on twitter a fair bit today and it's all terfs and racism and corbyn chat and it honestly makes me want to die lol why do I go on there??

if you don't call it 'the chippie' you are a class traitor

look at my ridiculous best friend needing cuddles after the storm

as we were closing the shop today I watched a woman carefully carry a small handful of something from Costa to a nearby low wall, with a local cat twining round her legs and sniffing at her hands the whole time

when she deposited her handful (of crumbs?), clearly meant for the cat as she gave him a big fuss, he looked at the small pile, gave a disdainful sniff, and stalked off

work politics 

learnt about a bunch of horrible work politics today and I'm like 90% sure my manager is going to leave

I mean I *advised* him to leave bc christ, but also like, if his replacement isn't as understanding as him that's me gone too, and I feel like this could be the end of me volunteering ever again =[

good analogy, considering the access barrier to bring involved is also, paradoxically, incredibly high, but once you get the hang of it you'll go around trying to get everyone you know involved

hello tooters, sorry for having been a bit quiet, feeling isolated and distant and disconnected lately idk why

so I can't leave a review bc tom bought it for me using his account (😭) but in case you're a massive dweeb like me and are REALLY into the dragon age romances, this shop has lovely stuff <3

Cullen's Romance Necklace by DracoTokens

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