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not sure if this part needs mentioning but: I am ok with followers reading, faving, and replying to any vents! If I don't want to share something I just won't post it

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sorry i'm just sad and mad without much reason other than "I am stressed in general" so there isn't a lot I can do about it except complain, which is easier to do using this software than with a diary or similar. You are under no obligation to read anything I CW with "vent", which I shall do from now on. take care of yourselves 💕


food, cursed 

5am thought 

it's not amazing but I don't care, it's done and the colours are not horrendous

also a lot of steps and cascada and s club seven? i'm glad 2016 me was having a good time

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(my next liked song plays0 oh, hey!, (repeat ad infinitum)

(listening to my liked songs) oh hey, I like this song!

where are my drafts i swear i drafted something. ooh is it app specific. uh.

i can't tell what half of face emojis are supposed to be conveying but i guess that's the autism? i just pick ones that feel right, so sorry if I imply any weird shit, that's basically what happens with my irl expression too anyway

meds, dissociation 

if I organise my photos then my photos will be organised...

I forgot how fucking cold this room is after being at friend's house oh my god

mh shitpost 


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