Moving over to @SquirrelLilly . If you'd like to continue following us, that's where we're going to be at now.

This account will get deleted after a few days I guess.

Ugh, I'd rather just stay here but if it goes down for 24hrs+ at a time we really can't :( -Alice

Streaming more Remember Me over on !

Back at it with Nilin and Edge in the cyberslums of Neo-Paris! Time for more high-flying combat and heartbreaking memory sequences. Are we the baddies?

(CW Memory loss, memory manipulation, dementia)

Only game I'm findind myself remotely interested in atm is Forager. Every game I own looks boring and all but one of the games I don't own look boring. -Annie

Forgetting my own birthday 'til the day after means I'm depressingly old instead of the regular type. -Annie

@Bisexuhell Shit, mine was yesterday and I forgot. Happy birthday. -Annie

It's my birthday today so y'all gotta be nice to me

I did more lego crimes. Super Villains is a good game, tho I wish the main story had more opportunities for unlocks -Alice

Duster, Lucas, Boney, and Kamitora had come together with a plan. Duster didn't really understand who he was, or what part he had to play in the battle to come, but he knew that finding the Egg would be the first step to finding out. Mother 3 continues next.


I'd get Humble Monthly for Moonlighter, but it includes the terrible, ableist, 'we won awards for garbage representation' Hellblade, and I will not be giving money to Ninja Theory for this game. -Zu

Another genderless insult you can use while you're fighting the final boss 

Another genderless insult you can use while you're fighting the final boss 

@InTheLandOfTheRisingSun Depends, can you convince Doom that K. Rool is a demon and/or summoning demons? -Zu

...okay we might have to stream the new BL2 DLC

I'm only an hour in and so far it's...very good. If we can engineer a playthrough that avoids any major landmines? We streaming this for sure

@AKAHayling Which e3 conferences are you most looking forw- *gets hit in the head by a flying rock*

The one major problem with Metal Gear Survive appears to be that its endgame is a lot of nothing unless you have people to play with -Alice

Disorganized speech, thoughts, emotions; blunted affect, a lack of emotion, inappropriate emotional responses..

Did you know schizophrenia can even cause -hand tremors-? That's right, my hands shake 24/7, all day every day. I don't know if they shake in my sleep but I wouldn't be surprised

Schizophrenia can make you -not enjoy things-. Like, it fucks with your reward system. It can literally make you enjoy things you used to hate, or even make you enjoy things like pain

Schizophrenia also causes a lot of anger and agitation. Certain sounds: buzzing, pencils, markers, certain fabrics; can cause extreme anger and annoyance. Whenever I write with a pencil it hurts so much I literally have to cry. Remember, schools in the USA almost always require that tests be taken with a #2 pencil

Schizophrenia can fuck with your ability to socialize. Some days I'm smooth and fun, and then with some people or on other days I'm so awkward it hurts. It can fuck with your ability to make connections..

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By the way, schizophrenia isn't treatable.

No, seriously, no medication helps with schizophrenia.

Anti-psychotics treat only that symptom: psychosis.

Schizophrenia is much, much more than that, and the way your schizophrenic peers need your help is so much more than you probably think.

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