I read an interesting article today about why movies and TV are so dark and indistinct and otherwise hard to see. vox.com/culture/22840526/color

And it reminded me of one I'd read a few weeks ago about how hard it is to hear dialogue now, and other issues with sound. slashfilm.com/673162/heres-why

It sounds like both problems are complicated, due to both technical and cultural reasons.

It's weird to realize we live in an age where western audio-visual media is so hostile to both our vision and hearing.

@bright_helpings @cadadr really interesting theory!

Related, something I haven't been able to un-see since watching this: youtu.be/Z1PCtIaM_GQ - how like all action/fight scenes nowadays are dark and hard to follow and with a million cuts. It's notable to get a Western (uh, like Anglo, not like cowboys) action movie where you know where everyone is in the scene (e.g. Mad Max: Fury Road).


@nev @bright_helpings @cadadr@weirder.earth This exactly is why I love martial arts movies but don't like action movies.


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