scary neighbor is scary. this is the first time i've had to call the cops about "scary" instead of "annoying".

this is the first time I've felt unsafe since i've lived here. :(

oh neighbor, how I envy your 11am wake-and-bake.

what do you do when what you're addicted to is a PERSON?

unsolicited advice 

I just Unmatched someone on Tinder for no really sinister reason and now I feel like a bitch.
I may be too soft for online dating. :(

I am sitting quietly on the curb (at the bus stop), looking at my phone (cuz I am on the wrooooong side of town). WHY do people honk at me? Is it fair to “honk back” with a large rock?

also, then we come back to "who's queer enough?" which stinks of gatekeeping...

considering trying to get back into for resume' purposes. Suggested Distro? I was a girl back in the day..

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I don't know what vaporwave is, or why it's suddenly some sort of big deal...

..closetted trans folks as "walking wounded" sigh.

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In a world filled with the supernatural, ghosts are considered the lowest threat among werewolves, vampires, magic-users and eldritch creatures. Except you; a poltergeist that actively hunts dangerous monsters. You are being hunted due to you possessing humans to fight such creatures.
#writingprompts #writing

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@frankiesaxx An even simpler rule for the non-techies, "What you post online is forever."

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oh. right. it's fall here in the midwest. AND I started new meds. so i can't actually TELL which issues are side-effects and which are seasonal-mood kicking in. <head desk>

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