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If you are a newly out trans person (or questioning) and a loved one is asking you to not transition for x amount of time for either ambiguous reasons, or reasons related to their own goals and not your happiness, then I have something to tell you.

That's abuse. You're being abused.

You deserve all the happiness in the world and no one should ever dim your shine. My DMs are open to you. ❤️

The next thing I did was start learning to make scalemaille and chainmaille. I started by making my first set, and from there got better and more creative with simple designs. I'm very proud of this skill now.

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gender shitpost 

If anyone says that gender is binary, they imply that it supports bit manipulation which means I'm gonna throw their gender in the **bit twiddler**

trans feelings, hindsight, 1/n 

It’s true for some people, but I didn’t “always know” I was trans. With hindsight, though, there’s stuff I missed, or ignored, or explained away over the years that I can interpret as trans feelings now, and I think it might be helpful to write about that. There’ll be a little biography involved but I’ll try to keep it to a minimum.

“Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is such metaphysical, blame the victim bullshit.
Now even local labor unions use it like, “After Right To Work it really helped us focus our limited resources on increasing grass roots engagement and we’ve come out stronger”
No, the bourgeois state apparatus is crushing your paid membership levels to zero so the only people left are a handful of hardcore union supporters you had from the beginning.

sometimes you run into a website of black text on a white background with a few links and you remember how awful modern web design is

@eclectic @matthilde This one is my favorite:

"These skirts have pockets large enough to fit your phone, DS, Switch, hands, and maybe a small cat."

Kann jemand ein preiswertes Luftqualitätsmessgerät empfehlen, vor allem um den CO2-Gehalt zu messen? Kein Werkstattgerät, sondern etwas das man im Raum aufstellen oder aufhängen kann.

Die meisten, die ich finde, haben Bewertungen, die sagen dass sie unzuverlässig seien oder andere größere Probleme haben.

NSFW, bra and tummy, Boosts okay 

I'm soft and kissable, kiss me already jeez!

Hey folks, an instance with Bolsonaro supporters just arrived in the fedi, including what seems to be a bot reposting bolsonaro content from :birdsite:

If that wasn't enough, they say in their terms "they hope never to have to moderate because everyone is adult and polite and will hear, listen and respect each other", in other words, smells like freeze peach.


Ofcourse I'm horny! I can't exactly take them off can I? gestures at horns

The more Audre Lorde, Mary Oliver, Emily Dickinson, etc. I read, the more I'm convinced a lot of these 'high concept' poems are just powerful (but literal) descriptions of autistic life.

Ex. Lorde's "Before I got sane and had stars in my mouth" is *beautiful*. And it could be interpreted as her being artsy about life before she started writing poems.

But it's also important context that she's describing the first four years of her life where she was both very blind and completely non-verbal.

cursed info, Adobe flash (is not dead) 

Flash is not dead. At least not in Mainland China (PRC). Before the scheduled obsolescence Adobe licensed Flash to a company in Chongqing which has exclusive rights to distribute and support Flash in PRC. The most recent versions of Flash not only had had a time-based kill switch, there had been a geolock as well. The “usual” Flash would refuse to work in China where the “China” edition has been exclusively licensed. After officially put to End-of-Life by Adobe everywhere else, it lives on as a geolocked product.

This company in China is now the sole distributor there, and it makes money by bundling Flash with drive-by downloads (shareware déjà vu, with all the security and privacy mess) and offering paid support for legacy users (enterprise intranet etc.).

The last Flash update was released on 12 Jan 2021 according to their blog.


still kind of freaked out about the throwaway line like "haha sometimes you'd swear the nanos have a mind of their own"

a major part of the premise of the story is that it's not unheard of for computers to spontaneously develop a mind of their own

my gay seinfeld fanfic 

george: i'm yearning, jerry!
jerry: yearning!?
george: yearning, i tell you!
jerry: what, did you get bored of pining?
george: i'm pining and yearning at the same time, jerry!
jerry: who are you pining and yearning for?
george: ehhh, i shouldn't tell ya... [waves away the question]
jerry: ah, keeping it on the "down low," huh?
george: exactly!
kramer: [swings open the door] oh, george! just the person i wanted to see. you tell jerry you love him yet?

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