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These Black folks need grocery funds. Goal: $100 each

Just donated a couple bucks
Original IG post @ blacklgbtreparations

gross, fluids 

aerosolizing my cum and spraying it into the air from a high building to make my contribution to seasonal allergies

"lol all humans are actually super biased towards wanting to do work that's just how humans work!"

me, work averse human: guess I'll go be invisible in the corner so you can continue to ignore my existence because it's inconvenient for your narrative about how much work is necessary for a functioning society

if it's set in the real world and was written before 1990 it doesn't count as fiction, it's either Literature or historical fact now

ah yes, that most arcane of writing techniques, "implying multiple things at once"

thx yexr xs 20xx. thx x’s hxve takxn ovxr. xt xs xnly x mxttxr xf txme xntxl x xx xxxxxx

racism meta, check, check and... 

@freyja_wildes Idk I think at least one pretty good project is in the pipes...

racism meta 

The fedi is a gated community for white ppl, y/n?

racism meta, check, check and... 

Already draws from a predominantly white pool of people ✅
High cost and knowledge barriers to entry compared to crappy corporate alternatives ✅
Privacy and safety cited as major concerns for creation ✅
But SOMEHOW these safety considerations don't apply to BIPOC who talk about racism, and in fact they are treated as the threats the nice white/light folks were fleeing from :thinkin:
The one Black house in the neighborhood is regularly mobbed and toilet papered ✅
Membership is technically open to everyone but BIPOC are harassed and mistreated into leaving... y'know, for some mysterious reason ✅
Measures to not be so fucking racist are ignored time after time ✅
Idk this place needs to be burned to the ground maybe ✅

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@FirstProgenitor 7 billion people goin' night-night at the same time

every just lays down where they are and go to sleep

a wave of "good night"s ripple across the globe

the sun has little a nap, too, as a treat

Everyone seems to be having a collectively bad day so I think we should simply all go to bed

evil tech 

oh hey, eviction is now part of the gig economy, because tech is getting ready to make tons of money off of the coming mass evictions

this post has definitely been made before im sorry 

i put the pro in procrastination

a VERY low priority begpost 

I’m largely bedbound due to a spinal injury and also have raging ADHD; I depend heavily on streaming services and games to exist until I see the neurosurgeon.

If any of my more well-to-do commie folks could help me keep my services on and maybe engage in some other virtually motionless activities, my wife @Sapphicgiraffic would really appreciate it, it’s most stressful for her when this animal doesn’t get enough enrichment, lol

i'm retiring an older collaborative project that never quite got off the ground... BUT in doing so we're releasing the tiles we drew for it into the creative commons. 281 free, hand-drawn isometric tiles, to use in your projects:

@nutt yeah, specifically the section in the book titled "Homonationalism and Biopolitics." she also wrote a later article called "Rethinking Homonationalism" that expands on the subject

honestly what every white queer should do on 9/11 is read jasbir puar's work on how us nationalism leveraged white gay fears of "homophobic muslim nations" to make racist policies against immigration more palatable among white liberal queers (among other things)

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