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for example, the Sharpies only care about aliens and don't know about the OCM. if they're sniffing around, and the nature of the incident is, say, vampire-based, you have to cover it up from them, too.

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sections on the *other* weird shit agencies snooping around, like the MIB ("Sharpies"), the Skippers, the Postal Inspectors (a surprisingly common sight for OCM field personnel), and so on. the book includes a chart for what kind of paranatural nonsense that particular agency can know about, including whether they're aware of the OCM.

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scientists can usually, but not always, be spotted by their lab coats. depending on the nature of their work, one's attire might range from "basically pajamas" to "those Kevlar suits they use to train guard dogs" to "anti-memetic body armor, designed to keep one's mind on guard while minimizing security holes due to moral hazard".

"Astro, why do you wear a lab coat? You sit in front of a computer all day."
"Girls like it."

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*tabletop exposition voice* people who work for the OCM are generally competent, reasonably helpful, and gay. that doesn't mean that you won't run into trouble or resistance from within, especially if you start nosing around the This Space Intentionally Left Blank part of the org chart

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in the OCM tabletop, you can be a scientist, monster person, AI or other noncoporeal sapient, administrator, record keeper, field agent and/or bewildered bureaucrat who wandered in from the front of the house. you can mix and match all of these, of course.

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Many Rats On Sticks has its ups and downs, but this is one of my favorite charts I've ever seen in a tabletop book

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Welcome to the Office of Consensus Maintenance. A shriveled-up little agency wedged under some weird little pinkie toe of Uncle Sam's org chart. I know what you're thinking. Can you fuck the werewolf? Buddy, you should ask them, I can't answer that question on their behalf.

uspol, racism 

Yes, Senator Tom Cotton, saying that slavery in the US was a "necessary evil" is justifying slavery. You don't get to have it both ways. Either it was "necessary" and thus the nation could not have survived without it, or it wasn't and your entire point falls apart.

(Pro tip: it fucking wasn't necessary. Slavery was a means for white men to enrich themselves at the expense of literally everybody else. It didn't need to be a fundamental building block of the United States.)

tria laser 4x live review, caps 

this is so BORING. i am BORED. it’s still my first round – I can only handle 1 body part/day max – and I’m already bored out of my mind. I need to look at it so I can’t read or watch stuff during application, and now that I finished Her Bright Ascendancy I'm out of queer fantasy to listen to.

wish I could hang out all day with a gf who plays videogames or an instrument or something and doesn’t mind me lasering interminably while resting between her legs.

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body hair dysphoria, laser 

the War Against Hair has just been kicked up a notch 💪

tria laser 4x live review, hair dysphoria, meme, silly 

trans femmes are like, "I know a place" and then zap precisely the 1cm spot where like 1 lone terminal hair pops up sometimes

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Physiker:innen so: Wenn wir mit einem ultrahochenergetischen Protonenstrahl gegen nen Laser schießen, kommt voll die nice Gammastrahlung mit super viel Energie raus!
Das ist doch ein super Projekt, was man mit dem CERN machen kann, wenn der langweilig wird weil man mit nem noch größeren Beschleuniger Teilchen noch viel schneller gegeneinander krachen lassen kann.

Non lewd nudity ; mention of porn 

Aaaaah finally my type of pornographic content

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