mothman isn't real and can't hurt you


mothman is real and he's my girlfriend

the linux fox is my girlfriend. sorry if this offends

adult adhd diagnostic question: are your hands mysteriously covered in ink despite not recalling ever actually using a pen?

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if you hand me an ink pen and 8 hours later I still have clean hands that means I've done absolutely nothing all day

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measuring my productivity based solely off of how much ink I have on my hands at the end of the day

firefox vs a literal virtual machine running windows 10

re: joke which has got death in it 

@FirstProgenitor @myconidiosyncrasy at least give it to something not entirely evil or burn it or throw it out of the fucking window or whatever D:

hold one. we have even more

-click. clickclickclickclick (good)
-click. clickclickclickclick (AWFUL)
-when u have to get out climbing gear 2 escape the mountain ranges of clothes and garbage and d&d paraphernalia that run thru ur house
-being uncomfortable for hours because you forgot to stop doing the thing that made you uncomfortable
-*says thing u shouldntve said* *touches thing you shouldntve touched* *climbs thing you sh
-"sorry what was that i forgot to keep paying attention to you"

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continued again:

-"i will only listen to this song/play this video game/watch this tv show because it's the only good one and i must consume it obsessively for hours every day" until one day you realize if you have to consume that thing for even 2 more minutes you will explode
-that crushing guilt and anger and hurt you feel when u can tell someone secretly thinks you didn't "just forget" but actually don't care at all
-"am i really even adhd??? ive never even been distracted by a squirrel??"

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-"i HAVE to do this thing today" but you say it to yourself about the exact same thing that you have to do every day for at least a year like some sort of fucked up groundhog day thing
-physically weeping because of how s l o w l y time is moving
-physically weeping because 8 hours passed in the blink of an eye
-"i know that if i don't stop clicking this pen you will kill me but unfortunately if i stop clicking this pen i will die. so."

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clearance adhd moods we have overstock:

-vague unspecified guilt about procrastinating that ur afraid to investigate in case it turns out there really is something ur procrastinating
-i have no idea where my social security card is :)
-body: eat food. me: i can't eat actually im too busy not doing anything
-Unbelievable Rage and Fury that comes on so fast and strong you get whiplash
-pretending you haven't not done the dishes in literally 8+ months

i have never understood the position of "too many people said i'd like this thing so i refuse to try it" (it's fine i just don't get it)


i do absolutely understand and partake in "too many people said i'd like this thing over the thing i like because they think my thing is shit so i refuse to try their thing out of spite"

oh, you want to refer to genitals? here are your choices:

1) silly, childish, unsexy word
2) crude, vulgar, brash word
3) cold, medical, cinical word


polymerization is the societal change in societies of merpeople shifting to polyamory as a basis for their relationships

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