Tonight’s #tinkering: bending a second prototype of my leatherman holster with the three-piece jig I 3D printed. Dimensions need adjustment and it doesn’t take into account the new fold-over belt-loop design I’m working on but it’s a good go!
I also made the decision to try using a wide copper rivet & burr to fasten the folded-over belt flap to the body, which I think will add a pleasant visual flair.

@spacekatia flat aluminium blank goes between the bottom one (underneath) and middle one (on top. The chamfered edges allow bending to precisely 90° along that line (need to over bend a bit to get 90°). Then the top one fits *over* the middle one (no metal in between) to allow folding the final tabs over the front, and hammering flat. Then the buck is unclamped slides back and is used to fold the bottom tab.

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