@Zezin @spacekatia for real, wtf is with the lack of ALSA documentation, even 20 years later

@be @spacekatia Sound is the worst part of linux IMO, a joke.
with abstration on top of abstraction looks like they are plaing Jenga with sound "standards" >:(

also I don't embrace much comming from :redhat:

@Zezin @spacekatia PipeWire is pretty awesome, actually. It still has plenty of bugs which I've been working on finding and reporting, but having PulseAudio and JACK applications just work together is great. And you can arbitrarily route audio between them. Cool!

@be @spacekatia yeah yeah, it's cool and all... but wasn't that the Pulseaudio premise?

@Zezin @spacekatia No, PulseAudio never worked for low latency audio and AFAIK never tried.

@be @spacekatia kinda guimmicky, but a nice to have.
I'm reading up on it, it IS a good premise, but it seams like just another "solution" shoved up another. Is it a abstraction layer like Pulseaudio is for ALSA or is it it's own thing with compatible libraries, running independently from those two?

@Zezin @spacekatia It's a daemon that reimplements both the JACK and PulseAudio APIs.

@be @spacekatia so it is "it's own thing". Huh, that gives me a bit of hope

@Zezin @spacekatia Yes, it is its own thing but currently there isn't really any advantage to using its new API over interfacing with it via the PulseAudio or JACK APIs. It also handles video and works with Flatpak sandboxing, neither of which JACK could do. gitlab.freedesktop.org/pipewir

@be @spacekatia well, it's isn't finish yet, seams promising
also the sandboxing thing would be great for Nix, noice!

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