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horntposting, lewd (as in sex) 

gosh i really need a cumslut to drain me from time to time

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if we're friends and stuff, i'd like to encourage expressing if you're sexually interested in me or something i guess

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im a woman but thats not my gender, i think

its complicated o.o

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"i'm not good with words, my mouth is made for other things"

current energy politics, physical health, shitpost 

Oh, they are warning of an energy crisis? I have been in an energy crisis for the past decade!

selfie, mildly nsfw 

ignore the exercise equipment, i can't kick your ass

Zeitreisen sind ganz einfach. Es braucht nur eine API mit ohne Echtzeitdaten und schon kann ICE 512 ankommen bevor er abfährt.

the car industry is the royal family of Germany

nonsense, Tingleisms 

"... so in the end the lover she's singing about cheating with is the saudades she feels for her missing gf."

"I get it, the samba is about dating the feeling of longing"

"💡Pounded In The Butt By The Distance Between Me And My Lesbian Lover"

"Pounded In The Butt By The Handsome Anthropomorphic Manifestation Of My Queer Longing"

"Ravaged In The Butthole By The Portuguese Word People Claim To Be Untranslatable But Is Actually Very Easy To Translate"

OH: "here, have a liquid hug" *hand over a cup of tea*

I just referred to "saying something out loud" as "posting irl" 💀

#2676 Historical Dates 

Evidence suggests the 1899 transactions occurred as part of a global event centered around a deity associated with the lotus flower.

Ich nenne es das deutsche Paradox.

Zu dünn besiedelt für guten #ÖPNV.
Zu dicht besiedelt für #Windkraft.

instead of a "on/off" button my heater has a "mode" menu with a single option that is "heat/off" very cool ui design

:boost_ok: Verkaufe Netzteil: 100/230V->12V 300W 

ich habe hier noch dieses Netzteil welches ich nicht mehr benötige und gerne an jemand abgeben möchte der Bedarf hat. Preisvorstellung wären 90 Euro(+Versand). Datenblatt dazu gibt es hier.

You may fascinate a woman by giving her a piece of cheese.

literal quote from Haskell bytestring package documentation 

Deprecated and unmentionable

accursedUnutterablePerformIO :: IO a -> a

This "function" has a superficial similarity to unsafePerformIO but it is in fact a malevolent agent of chaos. It unpicks the seams of reality (and the IO monad) so that the normal rules no longer apply. It lulls you into thinking it is reasonable, but when you are not looking it stabs you in the back and aliases all of your mutable buffers. The carcass of many a seasoned Haskell programmer lie strewn at its feet.

Witness the trail of destruction:

Do not talk about "safe"! You do not know what is safe!

Yield not to its blasphemous call! Flee traveller! Flee or you will be corrupted and devoured!

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Me seeing crypto: wow this sucks, this is worth less than nothing, what a waste of money and time and computational power, throw it all into the garbage

Me when I need to buy drugs: so,, monero,, right?

like. the chat report system has already been broken and exploited to allow false reports from bad actors. like. NOBODY likes or trusts it.

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you know a feature is widely loathed and worried about when there are mods for your game to specifically tell you that the feature has been turned off as a *safety measure*

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