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horntposting, lewd (as in sex) 

gosh i really need a cumslut to drain me from time to time

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if we're friends and stuff, i'd like to encourage expressing if you're sexually interested in me or something i guess

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im a woman but thats not my gender, i think

its complicated o.o

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"i'm not good with words, my mouth is made for other things"

heute gelernt: autobahnparkplatz-namen in westdeutschland sind tatsächlich noch mehr nazi als ich sowieso schon dachte

Ach, und danke an alle, die nicht an die Klopfe gescheibt haben. 👍

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trying to coexist with plants be like the air is lava

societal entrapment 

Fuel is reaching all-time high prices. Our society has come to be shaped in such a way that public transport is unusable or nonexistent. People often have no alternative to driving to have their needs met. Its price is now being gouged by oil companies because they can.

There is a baby formula shortage. Baby formula was made into a necessity, as part of the "liberation" of women, to free them from the duties of child-rearing, to grant them the gracious privilege of joining the workforce. (note: I'm framing this from the perspective of capitalism and patriarchy. I don't like framing maternal roles as "duties" and I think "child-rearing" is a harmfully reductive way of referring to how parents relate to their children)

Congressional measures to resolve these problems were struck down.

In order to have reliable shelter, we must participate in the property or rental market.

After world war 2, the rapid expansion of suburbs, and the GI bill pulled american society into the hazy dream of home ownership.

Today, property prices are skyrocketing, rent is unsustainably expensive, and no one with the meant to do so has any interest in resolving the problem.

First, it's profitable to get people hooked on the products. Invent a market.

Then, it's profitable to gouge the fuck out of the prices.

Because people need those things, they're going to buy them anyway, right? It's not like they have a choice to not buy them now.

We are made reliant on these systems, and then our reliance is used to shackle us.

I have no interest in rioting.

But there will be riots.

They are coming.

Harder and faster than in 2020

These stresses that I see, that everyone sees, in all the people around them.

They aren't going away.

The pressure is building.

Where are you directing the monumental energy building up inside you?

Or is it not going anywhere? Are you building up the pressure, with nowhere for it to go? Are you going to explode?

I've seen it happen to my friends. With nowhere for their energy to go, it turns inwards. They self-destruct, because they only place they can see to direct their anger is at themselves.

It's not your fault. The way things are isn't because you didn't do enough.

Take a break. Let go of the frustrations over how our society has failed us, let go of the way things should be.

See the way things are, and accept where you are in that.

Accepting that things are the way they are doesn't mean giving up.

It means you can finally understand where to start.

Start from where you are.

And move forward from there.

Know where you are.

Decide where you want to be.

Decide for yourself how you will get there.


51 #100poems

Holding on to dear strife

That's it, that's the poem

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50 #100poems

Did I miss the storm
Would it be truer to say:
The storm has missed me?

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gofundme, abuse, homelessness

"Hi. I'm Emilia.

Due to some upsetting circumstances, I'm facing homelessness. My partner and myself bought a flat together last year, and since then, I've been abused and cheated on, causing me to be unable to stay where I'm at currently."

boosts ok, question about homelessness 

hey can someone please help me out with advice if you have been through this?

I am most likely going to be houseless soon. How can i best prepare?

Not sure folk are aware that using Google fonts by URL in their CSS undermines the privacy of each and every site visitor, sending their IP to GG with every visit. How? Because with each visit they download the font from GG, not your server.

If you will use GG fonts, don't do this

@import url('[...]

Download that font, and resource it locally instead

@font-face {
font-family: FontName';
font-style: normal;
src: url('../fonts/FontName.woff2');

So, he wasn't always called Lenin. He assumed that name later. Lenin means "belonging to Lena", and his wife was called Lena.

Certified Wife Guy ✔️

File under: Headline says it all:

If You Think Free Speech Is Defined By Your Ability To Be An Asshole Without Consequence, You Don’t Understand Free Speech (But You Remain An Asshole) -


"[Black Americans] are, however, almost twice as likely to describe cryptocurrencies as a safe investment. Fully 30% of black investors believe crypto is regulated by the government (14% of white investors thought the same)."

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