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im a woman but thats not my gender, i think

its complicated o.o

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horntposting, lewd (as in sex) 

gosh i really need a cumslut to drain me from time to time

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"i'm not good with words, my mouth is made for other things"

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annoyed that i definitely can't fuck ppl for the forseeable future

feminizing HRT 

@enum yup. collects a lot of good info like that. this tidbit made all the difference for my levels:

> In a study of topical application of hydrocortisone solution in men, skin permeability […] relative to the forearm (1.0) was 42.0 for the scrotum, 13.0 for the jaw angle, 6.0 for the forehead, 3.6 for the underarm, 3.5 for the scalp, 1.7 for the back, 0.8 for the palm of the hand, 0.4 for the ankle, and 0.1 for the sole of the foot.

i'm a homosexual in that i am attracted to people who are the same person as me

Lewd/horny poll for people who look at my lewds 

stealing this idea from someone hot whomst has boobs,

Have you ever cum to my lewds?

subtoot, meta; bait and switch, bodily function mention 

just saying but shitpost bait and switches with a cw like "serious" and then going on to say something not-serious (such as something about shitting or other bodily fluid humor) is very misleading and unwelcome

like, my brain was just prepping to open your post and actually learn something or help someone out or SOMETHING ACTUALLY SERIOUS, not this shit, y'know? plus the added bonus that people who have aversions to certain bodily functions now can't avoid your post, and especially not if you're not using easily filterable terms in your post.

i'm usually able to ignore posts like this but honestly it's just getting very tiring. i just Can't anymore.

love it when critical infrastructure is hosted on one (1) server and the guy who's supposed to maintain it goes offline for months at a time

still extremely funny to me when ppl discover that [Famous Thing] has a deeply horrific backstory of bigotry. cannot imagine being blissfully unaware that historically, advocating and delighting in the torture of other people was not just accepted but the status quo.

*switching between 3D programs*

Is it middle mouse button + move to move the view or to rotate the view in this one or is it shift + right mouse button to move the view or rotate or shift + right mouse button or ctrl + left mouse button or just mouse button or...

hey mastodon, just because i have someone muted doesnt mean i dont want to see their name in the list of people who have boosted my shit. in fact, i care more about seeing if people ive muted interact with my shit.

white girl wednesdays are henceforth cancelled.
instead we are celebrating monster girl wednesdays. sorry crackers.

I'm done arguing with you mfers on here. From here on out, you have won every argument, hypothetical or not that we would have had.

is there a signal-desktop alternative that doesn't use electron

@garfiald "we should adapt to todays age" i post while struggling with literally the exact some political economic system that those people 100 years ago struggled with

I see young people post an equivalent of "we shouldn't structure our movements after the writings of guys who died 100 years ago, we need to develop theory that is adapted to today's age" every other month . And part of me wishes that instead of following up with what they usually do (literally just vulgar marxism/socdem stuff) they would genuinely deliver some batshit postleft style gobbledygook

'type safety' is a computer science concept where there are guarantees that the computer will not bite you if you put your fingers on the keyboard. making typing safer

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