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horntposting, lewd (as in sex) 

gosh i really need a cumslut to drain me from time to time

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if we're friends and stuff, i'd like to encourage expressing if you're sexually interested in me or something i guess

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im a woman but thats not my gender, i think

its complicated o.o

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"i'm not good with words, my mouth is made for other things"

one final thing before i move on, i havent seen it yet but mocking Biden's stutter is ableist. he might be a lot of things and criticism is necessary for them but he won't ever hear you mocking his stutter

your friends who stutter (this includes me, there's a reason i don't speak aloud much) will hear that shit tho. if you're okay with looking your friends in the eye and explaining to them why their stutter impacts their morality then i mean by all means go ahead but otherwise fuck off

four years of fat jokes about trump never touched him but it sure did ruin the entire psyche of fat people being made to feel subhuman, unlovable, and inherently of lesser morals in a society that already actively does this on all levels of our lives.

break your habit of criticizing appearance and ability because otherwise i'm forced to assume you're just a hateful white noise machine, just here to fill in the background gaps with no comprehension of the topics at hand.

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bras are trash we should go back to wearing corsets and I will die on that hill

I want a different term than "free" or "libre" software, that emphasises the public part.
It's made by us together and it belongs to everyone.
I've put "public good" on some things, but I don't know if that means anything in places that have no clear and good examples of such things.

@owl "anti-socialist" is one word I'm seeing used for "capitalism" a lot and could work too. it conjures "anti-social" and in doing so restores the point that socialism is supposed to be eusocial (as opposed to "socialism is when the government does everything").

but since "socialist" is a swearword for libertarian techies perhaps a straight "anti-social software" would be better.

artificial scarcity software?

software with government-backed restrictions on distribution?

for services, good ol' walled garden I think

still thinking that the abbreviation a11y is not very

RT @estnihil
very relatable quote from alexandra elbakyan on her plans for dealing with being sued by elsevier for creating scihub

it'll be a pretty cool day when we turn the new york stock exchange into the Victims of Capitalism Memorial Museum

conservatives believe communists will take the great sport of Golf away from the world

meds posting 

aaa hormones are good and fun and everyone should be able to try them if they wanna (and also get them at any time)

in other news: whee i wanna cuddle

further signs that whoever built your dwelling didn't care about you:

fediblock recommendation, transmisia, personal harassment 

worms really do be coming out of the woodwork, aren’t they. 🔨⁠:blobcatfluffowo:​

- whole of is a cesspool of this, including admin

- working with people from which is, at the very least, frozen peaches (check rules)


if you ask them why they're not into you, they'll reply "I'm not into gamers"

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more video game characters who are

1. interested in people of your character's gender/lack thereof

2. available

3. still not interested in you

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