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horntposting, lewd (as in sex) 

gosh i really need a cumslut to drain me from time to time

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if we're friends and stuff, i'd like to encourage expressing if you're sexually interested in me or something i guess

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im a woman but thats not my gender, i think

its complicated o.o

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"i'm not good with words, my mouth is made for other things"


NSFW (north south feast west)

greek philosopher zeno of elea, famously frustrated by the apparent impossibility of fully lacing a new pair of doc martin boots, once posited that before the boots are fully laced, first they must be halfway laced, and before that, halfway to halfway laced, and before that, etc. ad infinitum, thus demonstrating that all fully laced boots are an illusion.

this philosophical problem is known as "Zeno's Pair o' Docs"


"Die luca-App vereint alle notwendigen Kriterien in einer digitalen
Version der Kontaktnachverfolgung. Zusätzlich wird auch ein digitales
Testzertifikat sowie ein digitaler Impfnachweis in die App integriert,
sodass man alle notwendigen Nachweise in einer App zusammen hat."


Sowas schreibt eine Webseite des Saarlandes??????

Danke für den Hinweis geht an meine Timeline.


that one anti drug propaganda ad thing meme 

most teenagers start off with one relationship
then they decide to see if polyamory has any kick
it does

Cis people who "don't have a gender" I have news for you

panic & pain 

ah fuck yes love it when panic attacks cause physical pain, very fun experience

misinfo, trans shitpost 

Transpiling is when a bunch of trans cuties decide to sleep in a pile

Oh you're trans and have ADHD? So which cartoon character was your transition goal that you obsessed over?

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