physical body 

And another thing, who the fuck invented knees?? Knobbly ass mother fuckers. Knees. Fuckin nerd shit

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I don't usually follow back unless you are somehow incredibly based

caps, flirt 



Wanna MAKE OUT??

if you go out and walk at night, but you never stop and talk to the moon, I want you to consider what that says about you. you're not better than the moon

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Here's what's at the end if you don't want to go through the entire thing

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Preferred Qualifications
• good communication skills
• competent in microsoft office
• able to work in a team
• can just absolutely fucking beat the shit out of a guy

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I'm so fucking incapable of speaking irl or even chatting now that I'll never be a meaningful friend to anyone huh
kms era


i have gone brain dead
i have to read sentences like 5 times before understanding anything and haven't had a thought process or a thought in months
physically feel brain deteorating
nice going

friends, has been updated to Mastodon 3.5.2. This brings:
- Better wording surrounding direct messages
- Multiple bug fixes and administrative improvements's specific build of Mastodon now also includes:
- A message when registering which is not localised, which begs you to please write an actual reason when signing up and to write it in english

Pinafore, available at, has been updated to 2.2.0 and now works a bit better on large screens.

:newl: i have added yet more custom emojos to :newr:

you're saying a trans made this national crime?

i cant believe they made crossy road in real life (north america)

The natural colour of our roses in the early summer

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