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Current original WIPs:
The Double Sword (TDS, in revision): Four queer boys who meet at university go on a quest for a magic sword, pursued by their autistic ringleader's homicidal brother.
The Prince's Knife (TPK [working title], first draft in progress): When Valentile, second-in-line heir to the throne, is disowned and exiled because of his rebellious, self-destructive habits, his aloof bodyguard must accompany him in the search for a new home. (And they fall in love, obviously.)

fuck i love sbubby I don't even know what the original game of this is but i'm still love it (one bad word in image at link)

we went through a *lot* of family dirt on the way back down from the hike. Apparently one of my relatives around my age (who I've only met once or twice) has come out as trans recently and their family is not taking it well. my mom was talking about how she feels pretty positive about my transition now and said that the important thing is that I'm alive and healthy and have a good relationship with her. It's nice to hear that, took a while for us to get to that point.

Anyway, I had a rough start getting back into Valentile's Knife, I feel like i botched the first scene I wrote bc I just had lost the feel of what was going on, and the next part of the story isn't plotted super closely so I'm still trying to figure out what exactly I was thinking and divide it into coherent scenes

I might just need to stop writing for a second and set aside a few hours to go through and write a more detailed outline.

I have not written very much the past few days since deciding to set The Double Sword aside for a while/get it beta'd. Boy am I conflicted about that lol, I can't stop thinking about stuff I still want to go back and fix and change and improve... I have to forcibly be like "bud, we're supposed to be obsessing about Valentile's Knife now" to my brain goblins like eighty times a day

mom and I hiked up Old Rag in Shenandoah National Park today, over 9 miles and 2,380 ft of climbing! It was fun! The park service recommends budgeting 7.5 hrs for the hike, but we made it in just about 5, so we made really good time :) It was quite crowded though, next time we will start even earlier.

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What if we kissed....

During Silly Songs with Larry :blobcatsip:

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me: *opens a dating app*
also me: *panics and closes the app*

I do really really really very much want to play Breath of the Wild but as much as it pains me I don't think I $400 want to play it, considering that I could kick that money to the against malaria foundation instead, or take a friend to an escape room like 8 times, or buy my ENTIRE steam wishlist 2 and a half times,

despite being very tempted I am thinking that I probably will not get meself a Switch. the expense for the console is high, but the fact that the games and peripherals are also like $50 each is an even bigger sticking point. I would want to get 2 extra joy cons so my friends and I could play mario kart, and that plus the switch plus like 2 games is already >$400. the $250 for the console I could justify to myself but that's just too much.

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how to fake global illumination:

1. for each point on a surface, ask yourself "if I was a tiny bug sitting on the surface of this object, what would the sky look like?"
2. think more about being a bug
3. enjoy thinking about being a bug
4. make a bugsona
5. make friends with other bugs
6. find a function that approximates the average sky colour. this will be a proxy for the hemispherical integral, and add that on top of any specular contribution

It requires you to look up external facts for some puzzles and there is never a problem with googling something too specific and accidentally getting the answer, because it's honestly impossible to find the answer even if you are looking for it...

The nice thing about is that it is not very popular, which makes it almost impossible to cheat because nobody who's gotten far in it has actually published any clues or answers.

someone please come to my house, take my DSLR, and do a photoshoot of me snooching (snoot smooching) me rats pls

I'm stuck again :blobhyperthink: but I'm on level 19 now so this is still very good

I have some idea of what this one is getting at, but there's one aspect of the clue that I have no ideas about..

(not @ ing the original poster because I think they were just having a fun time and probably do not want their good and funny toot followed up by a math pedant explanation lol)

subrebutting about math: although it seems odd at first, it's convenient that 1 is not a prime number because if 1 is a prime number, then every number, including primes, awkwardly has an infinite number of prime factorizations, since multiplication by 1 is idempotent.

If 1 is prime, then 5*1 is a prime factorization of 5, as is *1*1, 5*1*1*1... We lose the fundamental theorem of arithmetic, which is mathematically bad news.

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chuck tingle is a blessing to this earth. thank u for existing chuck

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@darius A "volume knob". It would allow me to limit the number of posts I see from people I like who post a bit too much. Say max N posts per day or something like that.

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