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Current original WIPs:
The Double Sword (TDS, in revision): Four queer boys who meet at university go on a quest for a magic sword, pursued by their autistic ringleader's homicidal brother.
The Prince's Knife (TPK [working title], first draft in progress): When Valentile, second-in-line heir to the throne, is disowned and exiled because of his rebellious, self-destructive habits, his aloof bodyguard must accompany him in the search for a new home. (And they fall in love, obviously.)

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honestly the variants of the thinking emoji are so good i love them all

especially :thonkery:

pet ethics? 

he's so danged warm folks. you don't realize how warm they are because usually they are just stepping on you with their cold and pointy feet. but when they sit down. or become melted ice cream blob. oh boy. they are little heaters. he is... living hothands.

Seelathar just almost fell asleep in the palm of my hand. like I was holding him to my chest with his legs dangling in the air and he closed his eyes and bruxxed and boggled like crazy for five minutes straight while I stroked his little face. anyway wrap it up boys this is the best day of my life and nothing can ever top this

Or maybe the "inner monologue" is just a wacky neurotypical figurative simplification and they actually have an inner polylogue too. Who even knows at this point.

it's funny, one theory I've read about autism (not one of my favorite ones, but anyway) is that autistic peoples' brains are more optimized for parallel processing, basically, whereas neurotypicals (while still talented at parallel processing compared to e.g. a standard computer) are more serial processors. Which would seem to accord with the fact that neurotypicals seem to have more of an inner monologue while autistics (or at least me) have an inner Incomprehensible Screaming Match Of Chaos.

actually I guess some of the music I write, which tends to be a) heavily repetitive b) spinoffs from outside sources of text or tunes I get preoccupied with and c) involve a lot of complex overlapping melodies is close to what I'm discussing here?

...Like the ability to "tune in" to different audio streams, and I feel like if I recorded enough overlapping audio to match what it feels like internally, you wouldn't be able to actually hear what any of the parts were saying, whereas in my internal polylogue, you can understand them all.

So in a way I feel like if I could come up with a high-fidelity visual representation of it somehow, that would be a better representation.

Maybe I need a picture with accompanying audio?

This thought has made me want to do some art about what it's like in there, but I wouldn't know where to start. It's 99% audio in there so I guess I could just record... the audio? It would take a while because it's so heavily overdubbed, and of course the inside voices don't really have a physical realization so it'd be weird to hear them in *my* voice.

The thing is, because it's imagined audio, it has certain properties that real audio does not have.

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joke involving anxious thoughts; autism musing 


it is very unfortunate that all my good and funney posts happen at approximately 2am

one of my friends FINALLY caught on to Chuck Tingle who I have been stanning for 1,000,000 years and sent me like 17 screenshots from his AMA today and I'm so happy

Apparently he released his TTRPG and I want to read it very much

also TIL Dr. Tingle has a "conversational podcast"

*picks up rat and holds him extremely close to my face to just appreciate my ability to focus my eyes on things that are 0.5 inches from my face*

I'm nearsighted and it's not really a big deal bc I mostly like to look at things that are very close to my face (a tree, a grass, rat nose, etc.) but omg if I was farsighted. omg. would have to wear glasses inside house? cannot imagine

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pro tip 

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I checked their website and I don't think the dude was scamming/upselling me, it looks like the old plan I had is actually gone. What terrible timing though.

I could have insisted that they reinstate the lower price I guess, but it was almost my bedtime by the time we got around to that point and it didn't seem worth it.

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