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Current original WIPs:
The Double Sword (TDS, in revision): Four queer boys who meet at university go on a quest for a magic sword, pursued by their autistic ringleader's homicidal brother.
The Prince's Knife (TPK [working title], first draft in progress): When Valentile, second-in-line heir to the throne, is disowned and exiled because of his rebellious, self-destructive habits, his aloof bodyguard must accompany him in the search for a new home. (And they fall in love, obviously.)

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I'll be mufos with someone for a long time and I don't look too close at their avi and I'll just be like "oh yeah that's the onion person, their avi is an onion," and then I'll inspect it 5 months later and find out their avi is a bird or some shit.

ugh I'm like ready to start writing Capture but I still have a bunch of worldbuilding details to sort out like the names of the other colleges the students from Gladeloch play

I've got some good ones picked out now that are culturally appropriate to the areas in which they're supposed to be situated

weird nightmare description 

dream violence, no details 

(important point: your Toribash strength is not based on your absolute strength but on how well you meet the goals you set for yourself, so you won't just go and get absolutely wasted by your jacked friends in the game!!)

I've just had the best idea for a motivational fitness app

it tracks your reps and improvements and stuff and then hooks into the physics of Toribash and depending on how you progress you can use your workout points to punch your friends with varying levels of force

this is genius

By which I mean I'm just going to make a bunch of stuff up.

In the title and intro to the Wikipedia page on the 2018 NCAA Divison I FBS Football Season, in four sentences there are 5 football jargon words that I could not have defined before i looked them all up.

luckily Capture (the fantasy sport) is going to have a collegiate status more like Quidditch if Quidditch was a big reality TV sensation--it's not as official as college basketball or football would be and is more like... a college Survivor show than a serious sport.

The fantasy sport in this novel (single-team capture the flag with portals... I don't know) is some cool shit and one fun thing about it is that it has a wilderness survival aspect and is played in (fictionalized) national parks!

I told my mom when we went on our national parks road trip last year that it was going to get into a novel somehow, and here we are. Main ones will probably be Yellowstone, Shenandoah, and Capitol Reef.

me like 2 months ago: since my last novel was highly nautical and i know nothing about boats and had to keep looking up the names of ropes and stuff, this time I'll write a college sports team setting. that will be much easier since I went to college!

me now, knee deep in wikipedia pages about "pre season" and "redshirting" and all kinds of other bull shit: WAIT FUCK I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT SPORTS

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@snep CSS is skin, JavaScript is muscles. Ruby on Rails is the guts

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man it's so close to NaNoWriMo but there's no way I'm going to be able to hold off starting this novel for another 2 weeks

I could probably rebel though. If I start at NaNo pace and write at least 75k words total (which would be quite short compared to my most recent 3 or 4 manuscripts) I'll still be going through the end of November.

I'm rebranding my personal style as "elfin workwear"

this doesn't entail changing anything except possibly buying more flannels and tucking my shirts in more

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The bottom line is that I do set aside a specific amount of savings (and charity and rent/utilities) out of my budget each month, so as long as I only spend money that's in the rest of my budget, and don't like, spend my emergency car repair money on fountain pen ink, I'm fine and I can basically ignore the actual total numbers

But I like to look at graphs so sometimes I stress myself out for fun!

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Romeo and Juliet
Act I

Two households, both alike in dignity,
Five feet apart, because they are not gay

I've realized that looking at my expenses per month and comparing to what I know my income to be is misleading, too, because sometimes I'll have an expense like a deposit for something that will be balanced out by additional "income" later, so if I just look at the expenses I don't see that some of them later get reimbursed by income i'm not counting in my mind

I guess this is obvious but I'm still new to having an independent adult cash flow so I didn't realize my "income" would be so variable

(I mean I knew it wasn't that bc teas are, of course, an entirely separate budget category, but still) retrospect my mistake was categorizing that as "hobby" spending bc when I saw that I had spent several hundred on "hobbies" this month I was like wtf... did I go absurdly wild at Bitterleaf Teas and forget about it somehow

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