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Current original WIPs:
The Double Sword (TDS, in revision): Four queer boys who meet at university go on a quest for a magic sword, pursued by their autistic ringleader's homicidal brother.
The Prince's Knife (TPK [working title], first draft in progress): When Valentile, second-in-line heir to the throne, is disowned and exiled because of his rebellious, self-destructive habits, his aloof bodyguard must accompany him in the search for a new home. (And they fall in love, obviously.)

Sean has some LINES in this part of The Double Sword that I do not remember writing.

> All of his friends were, not to put too fine a point on it, fucked up, self-destructive nutjobs, ...


> "... If you want to spit in the face of God on Day’s behalf, be my guest. "


man I found this one fic author on Ao3 and their fics are doing Something to me hooooo (erotica/kink talk under cw) Show more

joke with oral sex reference Show more

And, in conclusion, essentially, same.

Lisztomania was like a BIG thing in Liszt's time, like that's where that word in that song comes from. People were so wild about Liszt they'd just lose their nut when they went to his concerts and heard him play, and it was so extreme that the 1800s people had to make up a word to describe how much these people were off their gourds for Liszt

literally God wanted me to be a Lisztomaniac dude in the 1800s but he accidentally put me in the 2000s and then started me off passing as female for the first like 20 years of my life and basically it's surprising how well I'm doing in life considering that all I want to do is go back in time 200 years and kiss the ground upon which Liszt walks just like every other 1800s gay I assume was doing at the time

omfg I'm still on the Mephisto Waltz and I am going through the notation of the first 60 or so bars which represent the bad violinist tuning up and holy shit Liszt was telling the hell out of this story. like in 11-15 you can actually hear the "violinist" tuning up his very flat D string from an E natural and that's where that subtle melody of the first bars comes from

Blender de-crudded very nicely and basically looks new. The pitcher is glass, the blade looks great. It is quite loud though! But for $10 very adequate :)

got a solid-looking blender at goodwill today 👌👌👌 thought about going for a toaster oven too since I have no toaster but my kitchen is too tiny for that. wait hang on. it can stack on the microwave. guess I'm going back for it later this week hello I'm crying because the first one minute of this song is so unimaginably good

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One of my tea orders is still in the wind (it looks like it got turned around and sent back to China before it could leave? Not sure how soon is too soon to bother the seller about it, as I'm sure it's not their fault anyway, but it was a chunk of money haha) but the OTHER one has made it to the states :D

image 1: oh, this Liszt score doesn't look that bad! maybe I can actually--

image 2: nope

It was Mephisto Waltz #1, sorry, I should have mentioned that. Yes you should listen to it, Liszt is amazing.

I assume Faust just got with the woman because Mephistopheles was too busy playing virtuoso violin to bone down right that instant when Faust heard his music and realized he was passionately in love with him.

But the way the announcer explained it, there was ABSOLUTELY NO QUESTION that Faust's lust for Mephistopheles was aroused by his excellent fiddling.

I heard the Mephisto Waltz (solo piano by Franz Liszt) on the radio today and the composer told the story of it and it was amazing. Mephistopheles and Faust walk by a bar with merry-making happening within, but the violinist is lackluster. M convinces F to enter, then takes over the violin and plays a wild tune. Faust is so excited by the music that he takes a woman, dances with her, and goes out into the forest with her, and we hear the violin recede, replaced by a nightingale's song.

Ah, upon closer examination, I see that the hand division is indicated by the direction of the note stems.

The rest of the measures make sense for a solo pianist. I don't think I will try to learn this one... I like the tune but it's 21 pgs long and looks verrrry challenging.

do you ever look at a solo piano piece and just straight up think "this is not solo piano" because I GUESS I can see how the composer intended a solo pianist to finger these measures, but reading it you see the thirds in the right hand, octaves in the left hand, ok I've got this, BUT WAIT, now there's a treble clef part for... hand... number three?

tfw you get on the internet at home and reflexively want to log into the corporate proxy

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