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Current original WIPs:
The Double Sword (TDS, in revision): Four queer boys who meet at university go on a quest for a magic sword, pursued by their autistic ringleader's homicidal brother.
The Prince's Knife (TPK [working title], first draft in progress): When Valentile, second-in-line heir to the throne, is disowned and exiled because of his rebellious, self-destructive habits, his aloof bodyguard must accompany him in the search for a new home. (And they fall in love, obviously.)

finished my latest novel first draft so you know what that means


Like this one I did for The Double Sword :D

food ~ 

the weird "what exactly am I supposed to do now" post-draft ennui has literally already started. amazing

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me in the forest: jeez everything is so amazing! The world is an amazing place

me in the human world: wtf its like I'm anxious and bored at the same time

okay I think I finished the first draft of Valentile's Knife but OW MY WORDCOUNT

First round of revisions is going to hurt 😅

insomnia, annoyed but not that annoyed 

Puirt à beul is the only valid choral tradition

it appears they did not send any kind of followup *after* close of business either so 🤷‍♂️ it is a mystery

(as in, they said "we're talking with the customer, it might be Monday" on Friday, and then didn't send any kind of followup before close of business)

Someone from my work keeps leaving me hanging on when a big presentation is going to be and I've just realized I don't know whether I have to wear a suit tomorrow or not -_____-

finances, +! 

I'm still laughing about this, she sent me the most over-the-top apology reassuring me that I am "valuable to the party"

My poor mom sent me an e-vite to a birthday party and accidentally skipped my name, so the 'envelope' said "null" on the front. I thought it was hilarious and put it in the family group chat and she was like "Oh no! I didn't mean to do that! You know I don't think you are a null! Why does it say that??!" I was like it's fine mom I posted it bc it was a funy programming whoopsie on their end

I do the thing people do with "if I go to sleep right now I can get exactly 4 hours and 37 minutes of sleep" except with finishing my writing for the day and playing LoZ

If I write 100 words per 5 minutes for the next 15 minutes, I can play 1 hr of Zelda before I go to sleep, &c

Fearghulach, my less affectionate rat, has started grooming me a bit lately when he feels secure :') Still doesn't like being scratched but it's good to know he loves me in his own way.

my following/followers lists aren't working from where I'm standing (neither will show a list, and the count of my followers is I'm pretty sure wrong lol, I think I have more than 6) and I assume it's because I got targeted by that irritating free followers instance and followed by like 10k people and had to domain block them

I am still figuring out how to do tie, but I am cute and good at textile selection (selfie w/o ec of my suit)

Obviously this is for toots I agree with or have a funney joke to add, not like, starting disc horse with randos on federated timeline; if I *dis*agree with a rando I will of course respectfully subtoot them lol

(FWIW, I would like it if people on federated replied to my toots if they have something to say! If I don't like it I can just ignore it, I see it as more like an impersonal Tumblr reblog-with-comment than a DM. But it seems that people could reasonably have different takes like this and some might be weirded out by the reply while others would find the non-reply strange!)

Sometimes I see a toot on federated timeline that I have a response to, but I don't know or follow the OP and maybe not even anyone from their instance, and I never know if it will be weirder to just reply anyway, or make a clearly-related separate toot seemingly without acknowledging the toot that prompted it

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