and now Jill gets the night away to jam to her death metal and endlessly check social media. wonder what everyone else is up to

yt promo, pls boost

if ya liked the license one, you will love this one - i put even more effort into it too!!

i hope that u actually do like it, jokes aside

overwhelming positivity tonight. good feeling. very good. I'm gay.

lewd, cursed, screenshot of discord DMs 

chats with the girlfriends! :purple_sparkling_heart:

very lewd nsfw and cursed 

Don't forget to like *and* subscribe. :3

very lewd nsfw and cursed 

branding my slut with the thumbs up like button symbol so whenever I smack their ass I can say I'm leaving a like

begpost/ rant 

Hey y’all. I was hit with an increased utilities bill because my roommates moved out a week before they would be charged so now I have to pay $28.39 on top of paying my phone bill ($112) and for food while being without an income at the moment. If anyone is feeling generous or want to buy are things from me, I would be grateful.

Venmo: journei-g
Cashapp: $journeigr

P.s. roommates suck ass

Please boost this fundraiser for a loved one returning home soon from state captivity!

do what you gotta do to plead your case with the insurance companies ig but like,

i'm not "born in the wrong body," this is the only body i could possibly have had but we've got the tools to help me escape the rigid Western binary conception of gender and what my body ought to be and do and i think that's rad as hell and i want to use them

i'm not here for your pity thanks
i'm trans as in transcend

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staying up writing lyrics instead of sleeping like a GENIUS

Please boost, abuse mention. 

Please help my friend escape her abusive parents. Please consider donating to help her pay for necessary costs of living that will arise after she leaves:

And please, please boost.

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