if yall could boost this real quick i need another hit of dopamine thanks

JUST GALS BEING PALS! (But like for real, but it's still really nice to see) #SheRa

As a niche academic, I've never related more to a princess ever in my life. Thanks #SheRa.

Me whenever Catra is on-screen: Ah yes, the Vriska 2019 model looks good.


*walks up to a straight couple*

So which of you is the "wears a tux to prom" butch and which is the "blindsides everyone by looking glam as fuck in a dress at prom" butch? #shera

"The Curious Case of Entrapta on She-Ra and the Princesses of Power"

Now knowing some of her background history in the original series, that does make the new series character intriguing for future plots.

#SheRa #TV #Netflix #Entrapta

@sleepy oooh, if you find a way or manage to tweak something I'd be very interested! the only thing I've found so far is pinafore.social/

can whoever wrote this bathroom graffiti PLEASE get a masto account

why did I click a CW captioned "slime tits" and expect anything besides slime tits

retoot if u are a dumbass lesbian as well

Hello Mastodon!! I'm new here and i'm hobbist artist and i draw pastel and cute stuff. Here's something i drew for Halloween.
#mastoart #introductions

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