kellyanne conway really spent the last 4 years batting for the team ranting about pedophile sex rings and family values and then posted revenge cp of her own daughter on twitter because she (her daughter) had the audacity to post a video of kellyanne beating her jfc

electric truck discourse is pretty boring. did someone give those folks the test question instead of the real world problems?

I think almost everything is placebo effect. Nothing does anything

Maybe the maga idiots should have killed everyone in the capitol. And I mean everyone.

confession: when i was in high school my best friend used to steal a ton of clothes from the busted-ass target in town and then walk across the street and sell them at plato’s closet and she called it her job. i’d be like “where are you?” and she’d be like “at work” and i’d know she was just robbing a target blind lmao 


“what makes nyc different is its combination of a bunch of different cultures” yeah not unlike any other big city use your head man. Maybe the bacteria cultures

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