'how kafkaesque' i say waiting in line at the taco bell. you think im talking about the alienating bureaucracy of waiting in a single file line for food premade in another state but actually im talking about the dead cockroach in the corner

No, he can't. This vastly overstates where we are with genetic engineering, even if you threw all ethics considerations out the window.

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Elon Musk's business partner says he could build the real "Jurassic Park" with genetically engineered dinosaurs hill.cm/ieqoX1A

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/thehill/status/138

Maybe with 50 more years of development, with the caveat that we can only hope to make designer lifeforms that look like dinosaurs. Even if we got dino DNA somehow, which is about as likely as a hamburger spontaneously turning back into a cow, a resurrected dino would be unviable

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To *actually* resurrect a dinosaur, you don't just need the one dino, you need to recreate the entire ecology, including viruses and bacteria, that it depends on. You would also need to keep this ecology perfectly shielded from modern organisms.

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It would perhaps, *perhaps*, be possible to do this in a sufficiently powerful computer simulation, if you somehow managed to get all the necessary DNA.

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in a way i understand incels because i havent been kissed in a week and i feel like the joker

I fucking despise josh Thomas. I hate his shrill voice, his ugly face and his annoying personality.

i’m so scared of people from LA. the last time I met someone from LA i mentioned that i want to start going to the gym and he was like that’s so stupid. just get bicep implants

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dont you know any one in my head at peoples crap

Might ditch the Apple podcast app in favor of Feedly RSS feed app

Just had a horrible premonition of a French person saying lesbians calling themselves femme is cultural appropriation

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