polish MEP @BeataKempa_MEP@birdsite.monster on Solidary Poland's (in coalition with Law and Justice) convention about @RobertBiedron@birdsite.monster's (openly gay president candidate) partner @K_Smiszek@birdsite.monster: "candidate for first lady".

audience laughs, some shout "faggotry forbidden".

Łódzkie Voivodeship (Province!!!) enacted an anti-LGBT resolution made by far-right . this makes 31% of population in Poland living in anti-LGBT zones.

Since the scandal was revealed, Wirtualne Media analysed other 400 articles published under a few non-existent journalist names. They promoted government's programs and ideas (PPK, CPK, Residency+), state-owned companies (PZU, Orlen, and even banks - PKO and Pekao), and some private companies. None of them was marked as sponsored.

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oko.press accuses WP of consulting the content of articles with people associated with Ministry of Justice before publication, and ignoring informations about "Piebiak gate", another scandal revealed before by onet.pl, while their journalist has received them first.

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Virtual journalists of Wirtualna Polska.

"I'm not gonna mess up business with the Ministry of Justice because your salary, your salary and the salaries of 25 others hang on it."

wp.pl (and other of their portals, notably money.pl) turned out to be publishing pro-government texts under fake names. Even those clearly promoting the Ministry and its Justice Fund were not marked as sponsored.


- restrict the rights and freedoms of commune residents - their right to private and family life, freedom of expression, the right to education, the right to education and the right to bring up children in accordance with their own beliefs - in an unlawful manner, as limitations of these rights and freedoms may only occur in the Act.

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In the opinion of the Ombudsman the resolutions:

- are contrary to the constitutional principle of legalism, according to which public authorities act on the basis and within the limits of the law;
- are a ruling disposition for executive bodies of a commune and other subordinate bodies, to which they had no right to formulate a commune council;
- discriminate against non-heteronormative and transgender people, excluding them from the local government community;

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Resolution on "LGBT-free zones" [made by local governments in Poland] are counter to the polish Constitution – says the Ombudsman and reports them to administrative courts.


TVP, a polish government mouthpiece, soon after Time announced Greta Thunberg as the Person of the Year

Radio Poznań (regional FM station of Polskie Radio, a tax-funded goverment mouthpiece) attacked a woman for leading first aid workshop in a Kindergarten. Because she's transgender.
"Parents were not asked for a consent, kids were confused", says article. "Kids were in parents' care on the picnic", replies Anna.


Ordo Iuris announced a success in their newsletter. I like that fragment:
"In the position of Ordo Iuris, we showed that there is no justification for the arguments raised in the case by LGBT activists and their supporters - the Ombudsman and the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights."

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Supreme Administrative Court ruled that the Polish law doesn't allow a transcription of foreign birth certificate, if parents are of the same gender. though such children are citizens, they won't be able to, for example, get a passport without that.


The current hot topic in Poland is the selection of judges to the National Council of the Judiciary by MPs.
The voting was "cancelled" by the Marshal of the Sejm after PiS MP came to her and said "it needs to be cancelled, or we're gonna lose" (recorded by microphones), which was after the voting procedure.
The Left has already informed the prosecution of the possible commission of a crime by Elżbieta Witek, and KO is demanding her removal from office.


Appeal Court rejected Gazeta Polska's complaint on legal decision to stop spreading the "LGBT-free zone" stickers.

"The court notes analogies here, drawing attention to the similarity of the slogans to Nazi German plaques with the inscriptions "Jews and dogs are prohibited from entering" or "Jews enter at their own risk".


people from openly fascist Italian party Forza Nuova were invited to Independence March. National Radical Camp calls them publicly their "friends".

people on "independence march" this year proudly burned european and rainbow flags

@BadAtNames oh no, please do anything but just don't say me to respecting my kids, they are my own property!!!!!11!1one

conservative wPolityce calls TOK FM's audition about accepting transgender children "a madness"

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A PiS spokesman accuses of Korwin-Mikke of grandstanding, noting that a minimum of 15 MPs are required to introduce a bill, but Confederation has only 11. The spokesman says that the far right and left are going to "throw ideas" around to "create outrage" https://wiadomosci.wp.pl/konfederacja-chce-ustawy-anty-lgbt-pis-bicie-piany-6439964923103361a

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The far-right Confederation will in the new parliamentary session introduce anti-LGBT legislation, a tightening of the abortion law, and measures against the US JUST Act (on compensation for Holocaust survivors). We will see how PiS reacts, says @JkmMikke https://wiadomosci.onet.pl/kraj/janusz-korwin-mikke-zglosimy-ustawe-anty-lgbt-i-zobaczymy-jak-zareaguje-pis/8mfsj5h

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