Łódzkie Voivodeship (Province!!!) enacted an anti-LGBT resolution made by far-right . this makes 31% of population in Poland living in anti-LGBT zones.

TVP, a polish government mouthpiece, soon after Time announced Greta Thunberg as the Person of the Year

The current hot topic in Poland is the selection of judges to the National Council of the Judiciary by MPs.
The voting was "cancelled" by the Marshal of the Sejm after PiS MP came to her and said "it needs to be cancelled, or we're gonna lose" (recorded by microphones), which was after the voting procedure.
The Left has already informed the prosecution of the possible commission of a crime by Elżbieta Witek, and KO is demanding her removal from office.


Appeal Court rejected Gazeta Polska's complaint on legal decision to stop spreading the "LGBT-free zone" stickers.

"The court notes analogies here, drawing attention to the similarity of the slogans to Nazi German plaques with the inscriptions "Jews and dogs are prohibited from entering" or "Jews enter at their own risk".


people from openly fascist Italian party Forza Nuova were invited to Independence March. National Radical Camp calls them publicly their "friends".

people on "independence march" this year proudly burned european and rainbow flags

conservative wPolityce calls TOK FM's audition about accepting transgender children "a madness"

polish MEPs who abstained from voting on resolution against homosexuality death penalty laws:
- Anna ZALEWSKA [former PL education minister]
- Beata KEMPA [former chancellery of the PM leader]
- Beata MAZUREK [former spokeswoman of PiS]
- Beata SZYDŁO [former PM]
- Elżbieta RAFALSKA [former min. of family, labour and social policy]
- Joachim BRUDZIŃSKI [former min. of the interior]
- Patryk JAKI [former vice min. of justice]
- Witold WASZCZYKOWSKI [former MFA]


KO's MP candidate was chucked out of TVP after telling the host that he baits the community. "Citation please!"

after the show, tweets with his words started to disappear out of nowhere :blobhyperthink:

the 2 screenshoted tweets translated:
"They want to be beaten. They want to be battered. That's how they want to make the 'martyr myth'",
"Equality Marches became a touring happening"

Potentially dangerous situation on the Wrocław Equality March. Police officers stopped a man with two knives, who was walking in the direction of Wolności Square, where the participants of the LGBT march gathered. The man shouted out, among others, the words of "Allah Akbar".
The detainee is a 41-year-old Polish citizen. He has already had a record of offences.


(photo: KWP Wrocław)

Last week, before list numbers for parties in Poland's forthcoming elections were selected by lottery by the Polish National Electoral Commission, a PiS candidate was already displaying banners that said PiS's list number was 2.

Today, list numbers were announced. PiS's is 2.


Michał Piękoś from Leftists movement started collecting signatures (legally needed for elections). Some people didn't like that he was with a rainbow flag. They spat on him, pushed and threatened. He described this video as the last moments of his phone memory before one of them smashed it on the floor.
"We're getting used to it. The hate becomes bread and butter."

The All-Polish Youth wants to disinfect places where homosexual people will meet in Szczecin.

In this way, the All-Polanders refer to Nazi models, i.e. "disinfection" actions carried out by Hitlerjugend and the Nazis.

The action is supported by politicians from the Law and Justice party.

source: twitter.com/OmzRi/status/11717

"Hugged boys on buses. Controversies around Warsaw's local government campaign."

tvp.info is state-owned (and tax-funded) news TV station/website, known for spreading government propaganda.

parliament elections soon, so this shit appears more in media now

"A priest delivered a letter to the head of a primary school from parents concerned by the fact she attended an LGBT parade and her son leads an LGBT group.

'How can we explain to our children that LBGT+ is bad if the principal supports and advertises it?'"

article (in polish, paywalled): poznan.wyborcza.pl/poznan/7,36

second biggest party in Poland adds civil partnerships to their program. announces it without using words like "gay", "LGBT" or "same-sex", to not scary potential electorate - yes, that's possible as you can see.

tweet translation:
"Time for civil partnership in Poland❗

👉 Not everyone wants to or can get married, and there are over 5 million such people in informal, although permanent, relationships in Poland! The state must recognize couples living together as close to each other!"

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