Virtual journalists of Wirtualna Polska.

"I'm not gonna mess up business with the Ministry of Justice because your salary, your salary and the salaries of 25 others hang on it." (and other of their portals, notably turned out to be publishing pro-government texts under fake names. Even those clearly promoting the Ministry and its Justice Fund were not marked as sponsored.

· · Web · 1 · 1 · 0 accuses WP of consulting the content of articles with people associated with Ministry of Justice before publication, and ignoring informations about "Piebiak gate", another scandal revealed before by, while their journalist has received them first.

Since the scandal was revealed, Wirtualne Media analysed other 400 articles published under a few non-existent journalist names. They promoted government's programs and ideas (PPK, CPK, Residency+), state-owned companies (PZU, Orlen, and even banks - PKO and Pekao), and some private companies. None of them was marked as sponsored.

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