full 2019 PL parliament elections results

PiS - 43,59%, 235 seats
KO (PO/.N/IPL/Greens) - 27,40%, 134 s
The Left (SLD/Wiosna/Razem) - 12,56%, 49 s
KP (PSL/K'15) - 8,55%, 30 s
Konfederacja - 6,81%, 11 s

PiS - 48 (+ 1 independent possibly with them)
Opposition parties - 48 (+ 3 independents associated with them)

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aired fully today. the worst, very dangerous points made by this shit, as I think:
- "LGBT wants to legalize paedophilia"
- calling LGBT an ideology every single time
- displaying videos from BDSM March (not associated with LGBT in any way) to frighten the viewers
- "Pride March participants are paid for it and go to marches in many cities"

KO's MP candidate was chucked out of TVP after telling the host that he baits the community. "Citation please!"

after the show, tweets with his words started to disappear out of nowhere :blobhyperthink:

the 2 screenshoted tweets translated:
"They want to be beaten. They want to be battered. That's how they want to make the 'martyr myth'",
"Equality Marches became a touring happening"

Potentially dangerous situation on the Wrocław Equality March. Police officers stopped a man with two knives, who was walking in the direction of Wolności Square, where the participants of the LGBT march gathered. The man shouted out, among others, the words of "Allah Akbar".
The detainee is a 41-year-old Polish citizen. He has already had a record of offences.


(photo: KWP Wrocław)

A married couple from Lublin brought gas containers with firecrackers to the illegal Equality March counter-demonstration. They have heard allegations of illegal manufacture and possession of explosive devices which could pose a threat to the life or health of many people.
Builders of homemade bombs are under three months' pre-trial detention now, and threatened with between six months and eight years in prison.


standardowo jest marsz równości, to i są filmiki z marszu, pora na thread.

another pride march, another video footage from pride march. Lublin 2019 thread.
#plpol #lgbtwpl

It seems that the government has also recognised the existence of same-sex couples. But only in terms of the disclosure of their assets, nothing more.


Recently, a fake volunteer tried to infiltrate Campaign Against Homophobia, one of the most known LGBT organizations in Poland. She had spying glasses and recorded sound on her phone.

On September 9th, she returned to the headquarters of the KPH with three men with a television camera. OKO.press recognized that two of them - a camera operator and a sound engineer - had been working for TVP for years, notably for "Wiadomości" news program.


Last week, before list numbers for parties in Poland's forthcoming elections were selected by lottery by the Polish National Electoral Commission, a PiS candidate was already displaying banners that said PiS's list number was 2.

Today, list numbers were announced. PiS's is 2.


- I think it is the most tolerant place in Poland. The resolution is about stopping ideology, I am its opponent and I voted for it with a clear conscience - said Jan Bocek, a councillor of Istebna.

- LGBT people are people, not ideology. What you call an ideology and LGBT has already existed many times in history and this has led to disaster without exceptions. [...] I am ashamed, also reminding my grandparents who survived the WW2 and told me stories about what happened to homosexuals and how they were treated," said Gabriela Lazarek from Green Party during the session.

Istebna not for LGBT. The municipal council adopted a special resolution to stop the development of "LGBT ideology".

14 councillors voted "for", one of them was absent. The resolution was therefore adopted unanimously.


The recorded person keeps saying "Get the fuck out with that phone". At the end of the video Michał said "Ok I'm getting away, please don't push on me.".
Looks like it didn't work.

Michał Piękoś from Leftists movement started collecting signatures (legally needed for elections). Some people didn't like that he was with a rainbow flag. They spat on him, pushed and threatened. He described this video as the last moments of his phone memory before one of them smashed it on the floor.
"We're getting used to it. The hate becomes bread and butter."

"There will be people in appropriate clothes to show that they are disinfecting the area and the point is to disinfect the area from certain ideologies. We also encourage you to take your own cleaning equipment, such as brooms."

video transcription:
"It is no coincidence that the demonstration will take place during the march of people who publicly present their sexual deviations.
The happening will be called "LGBT wash away, save families". It will be a symbolic streetwashing of the pollution associated with LGBT crimes against natural law and families." +

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