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Ok I'm seeing folks doing these, so here's my :

Hi I'm Sam! I'm a software engineer from the US, just about to graduate with my CS degree :) I enjoy learning new stuff, , , -ing, and meeting new people.

I have + which is a fun combo. I'm queer + still figuring out the gender stuff. Anyways, super nice to meet you all!

Hello I’m back. Chicago’s good. Currently on a crowded train of straight people coming from the Sox game. I think I like baseball now.

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Novel, new, silly, & unusual activities can help lift your mood.

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Before you start your day, take a few moments to outline the 3 most important things you need to do.

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On the "blockchain isn't decentralized" thing, technically a #blockchain system is distributed redundant storage of a single database. It's not a decentralized database system. But this kind of subtlety in distinction gets lost easily within hype-laden tech journalism.

By sheer volume of hype, blockchain systems were able to appropriate the word "decentralized".

The State and Revolution is actually very well-written, even if Lenin is an insufferable twat sometimes

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Hello, I’m back on here. Avoiding twitter for a minute because it QUICKLY becomes a feedback loop because my feed shows me increasingly more angry and hopeless shit.

cooking / food 

Quick cooking tip:

If you're worried that something's gonna taste bad, just heat it up really hot! Then all of your tastebuds will singe off and you won't taste the difference 😁

Reactivity knows how to invalidate data, but it does not know how to update the invalidated data efficiently.

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I really wish more frontend folks would focus on building *incremental* libraries instead of just reactive libraries. Reactivity solves part of the problem, but it doesn’t fix everything.

What we want is the ability to write code that is as-optimized as hand-coded JS would be. Reactivity gets you part of the way there, incrementality is the last bit you need.

I’ve started reading Dune and it’s pretty great so far! Really slow reading cause it’s hard to ‘parse’, but the hardcover I bought is GORGEOUS and feels so nice to read

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Stablecoin is collapsing? How am I supposed to pay my horses now???

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I wanna test something, if you can see this post please vote. reblog for more reach, please.

Got to see really pretty flowers today at the Atlanta Botanical Garden!

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American politics, journalism, abortion 

Reminder that the US media has a strong tendency to generate outrage domestically when there is also important shit to know about abroad.

The Supreme Court stuff is incredibly important, but please make sure to pay attention to international news sources every once in a while

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What shall we do tonight, Brain?

The same thing we do every night, Pinky. Do some #teletext #pixelart #MastoArt!

People aren’t fucking idiots. The reason folks are switching to Fox News and the like is not because they’re stupid (as many establishment journalists claim), but because the journalists there are held more accountable and are significantly more reactive to how their reader base wants them to cover stories.

Establishment journalists are effectively signing their own death warrants by refusing to fucking *think* and accept criticism, and they’re encouraging further radicalization.

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