What's this operation called, where you have two groups of lengths/durations/values and when they are operated on together, the result is like this?

Lerp is so good like you can lerp virtually anything and it will sound good

Was looking at building my own CMS with firebase to manage my data for the next version of my website but then I came across Sanity so I guess I can scrap that project too 🙃

One of my students came to class unprepared so instead I talked to her about using javascript to solve her maths homework

Some of the biggest, hardest and most stressful hurdles are behind me now. August and September has been a wild ride. I have one more big thing coming up this year and that is my 👁️MASTERS RECITAL👁️

Today I played Privatsammlung for the composer Arnulf Herrmann. Arnulf is such a nice, joyful and encouraging person. It really was a nice session 😋

I think it's time composers optimize their score formats to the performers' tablet format (if they use tablets)

Yall need to stop making scores look like medical charts

I am so glad I said yes to this project despite one stressful deadline after the other. I had such a great time just being there and I think I came out of this a better person lol

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Also the four members of the Grow quartet are such lovely people and getting to create audio reactive visuals was such a fun thing to do. ☺

I witnessed the best live music performance tonight since a very long time. The Grow quartet playing a program of 5 absolute banger pieces. Simply starstruck.

Here's a snippet from Poppe's Freizeit (free time/pastime).

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