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If you have too much money and want to make a queer catgirl a little bit less sad:

Buy something from its wishlist

Or send it money on

(pinning this in hope people with too much money click on my profile)

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I'm bad at writing those, but let's try.

Hi, I'm sammy. I'm a nonbinary catgirl and I'm very gay.

I live in germany, I speak english & german.

Things I like include tech stuff, video games, weird japanese movies about giant monsters and cats.

I'm some kind of queer anarchist, I don't think cops, landlords, wage labour or nations should exist.

Other than that, just look at the adjectives listed in my bio, I guess? I'm not that interesting.

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Hi, I'm on a new account again.

(Was @sammy, and @CherryKittens before that)

warum ziehen staubsauger das kabel immer mit so ultra viel kraft ein?


Sometimes system administration feels like a bad joke or something


Lmao, it didn’t even take a full month from Germany making 1cP-LSD illegal to researchers creating a new analogue that’s not covered by the laws

also whenever my wrists hurt a lot I get a sudden urge to play osu! again, wtf brain?

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Sometimes, in phases where I play lots of video games, my wrists give me a gentle reminder of how I permanently fucked them up when I played rhythm games for 12+ hours a day


Kurze Seite vom sidecut epilieren um nicht so oft nachschneiden zu müssen


26.5° room temperature with open big window and 21° outdoor temperature, lol

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ok it semi-helped by distracting a bit I guess, I just lied down and listened to Monster Hunter orchestra soundtracks on headphones with my eyes closed and watched the pretty images my brain made up

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ok I’ve never smoked weed while feeling like absolute shit before, so let’s see if this helps or makes it worse

I ordered a temperature measuring thingy for my room because I really wanna know how much that server with 40° CPU and 30-40° SSDs/HDDs impacts my room temperature

use voice assistants because otherwise I wouldn't even use my voice at all on a lot of days ._.

cops, horses 

apparently my brain now goes to full alert mode whenever I hear horses walking somewhere

one more things that cops have ruined


Mate in den haaren, für besseres wachstum oder so

Telefonwarteschleifen die alle 2 sekunden die gleichen durchsagen machen sind die hölle

halt einfach die fresse bis wer erreicht wird, du musst mir nicht alle fucking 2 sekunden sagen dass gleich wer da ist

When I started watching that movie series about car racing that everyone was talking about, I did not expect to cry that much at the end of the seventh one, lol

sometimes I feel like I wanna cut off my hair but then I remember how many years it took to grow it as long as it is and how I would probably not even live long enough to get it to that length again

hm I could buy a steam deck and have 5 bucks left on my bank account

kinda wanna try watching a first person perspective/found footage movie in VR and see how long it takes until I get motion sickness from it

suicide, death, nightmares 

Human brains can be so weird

Being suicidal but waking up scared after dying in a nightmare, make up your fucking mind lol


beste nudelsauce ist ne dose baked beans tbh

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