Checking in, again.
She released an actual album 7 years later. 10 lives have passed since then my (other) friend would say. I hate writing in English. Roses are red. Sky is blue. Grass is yellow and nonexistent. I can taste it coming I can taste it with my tongue..

Haven't checked in for a while. So here.

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today i saw someone abbreviate "anthropologists" as "anthros" and it was like getting punched in the throat

I tried to write a critical post about Ryan Murphy's Pose. But I give up. Queer is dead.

Enjoy being a target market for the pink $$$. Goodbye.

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@tara I'll let you figure out on your own, oh vec si izbrisala.

Tengo muchas ganas de mejorar mi castellano para poder comprometerme con otra comunidad.

Apparently 'all great minds in history' have written a journal as a method of organizing thoughts, says my daily medium digest or why I am unsubscribing from it forever.

'Exposure therapy' appeared as a term 2x in the past hour. First in an Octavia utler interview and then here on my mastotimeline. Coincidence?

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Capitalism is a life-long process whereby you exchange comfort for letting your dreams die.

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