C. S. Lewis is to Christians what Harry Potter is to liberals, and similarly, when anyone talks about either I want to tell them to stfu

what you think being queer at uni will be like: vampire weekend

what it’s actually like: the national

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(it’s the pudding remix of last christmas on wham!’s ‘music from the edge of heaven’)

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does it count as your first listen to Christmas music of the year if it’s just one track on an album you’re listening to?

are you gay? reactions from me

cishets? may as well not even post buddy

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attention fb users: i only care about your posts if you are GAY, otherwise please do not apply

heart of glass by blondie, boost if you agree

i now want to go check john tzetzes ‘allegories of the iliad’ out of the library but know i have too many books and that would be too impulsive

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i have just seen somebody use ‘achillean’ as a male equivalent of ‘sapphic’ and i ADORE it

“Crabs [the crustacean] are too good for us”
“True. Out of my league.”

- me and a close friend, on dating

the heterosexuals are truly relentless. do they ever stop

a crush update: the crush on The Boy seems to have subsided for now? i am prepared for the possibility that it may return when he gets back to town for term, but for now i am officially back to longing of the general and unspecific kind

is mitski canonically not-straight then? publicly out i mean?

where would a person get v cheap houseplants? i think when fresher’s week starts there’ll be a cheap sale somewhere so i might just wait til then but

politics, landlords, curséd takes 

just seen an absolutely curséd take that you can’t be a socialist without supporting evictions (??) then look up the dude and find he’s a DSA member and a lawyer who advises on STRIKE BREAKING lmao

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