I decided to startup my own XMPP instance (Prosody). It was really easy! I also setup Biboumi and Spectrum2 (with Telegram and Twitter support) alongside it. It only has a couple of users on it so far. Still, with the OS (Debian Bullseye) and everything running, it barely uses more than 150MB of RAM

@quinn64 I want to self-host too and I was thinking to setup a matrix server, after your post I look for more information about XMPP and found this:

Have you personal experience with matrix or can you give me some advise?

@kyva I've tested out both over the years. Matrix is a pain to self-host and requires a lot of resources. It's also a bit of a mess if you want to mess around with anything under the hood.

That said, Matrix has a solid flagship client (Element) that has good presentation and features that make really user friendly. It does leave a lot of metadata on the servers, so if that's a concern, it's probably not for you. Addressing bridges and extra features reminds me of using IRC bots.

@kyva XMPP is far nicer on the backend, easier to self-host, and gives you more control over your metadata. There isn't a flagship client and your experience will vary a lot depending on the client. XMPP is more modular like Linux. Some clients have a more intuitive way of addressing and integrating transports and extra resources. Some are very user-friendly (especially on Android) while others tend to have very shaky support (especially on iOS).

@kyva Pretty much, if you want to self-host, XMPP is probably the way to go unless you have the resources to throw at a Matrix instance. Matrix is the better choice if you just want something that just works and you don't have to tinker with it. XMPP is great if you want something more efficient and don't mind a bit of tinkering with clients. I use Gajim on my desktops/laptops and Dino on my phone

@kyva Oh, Matrix and XMPP can communicate with each other via bifrost bridges. There's one hosted on ( ) and Aria Net ( )

@quinn64 I want something long-term with great privacity so XMPP looks better for me.

Thank you for your time ☺

@kyva If it's your first time with XMPP, do check out Snikket which is an all-inclusive "XMPP distribution" (including server and apps for Android/iOS). The server component is based on Prosody, but in Snikket it is already configured for a bunch of additional features and a web interface for management.

We recommend Snikket if you want an "out of the box" setup, or Prosody if you're looking for more customization or digging deeper into XMPP.

Good luck on your self-hosting journey!

@kyva Good luck! The major complaint I've seen from people checking out XMPP is how history is handled across multiple clients when using OMEMO. It's based on the Signal Protocol. Whenever a message is sent out, it will only be encrypted for the fingerprints that are currently listed on your account. If you log in somewhere else after that message was sent, that message won't be available for it since that message wasn't encrypted for it. If that's a concern, you might want to use PGP instead

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