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@queer_oddity I once saw a meme where a colourful, pretty, happy femme was emerging from the open shell of a masc body in b&w outline, like a butterfly from a cocoon, and she was saying something like, it's ok, you did your best to protect me. I know how hard it was. You can rest now.

That was before the plural event happening but it already set me crying a lot 😌 (E.)

techbro nonsense 

every fucking time i open birdsite there are ads like

✨ We're entering the new age of the Web 🌐
The Big Data 💽 will be stored in the containerized cloud using limitless blockchain technologies sponsored by our web-speed cyberspace 💻 entrepreneurs 💸
Build 🔨 your agile progressive webapps 📲 on the blockchain! #ETH #BTC #decentralized #NFT

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youtube video by a femme talking about in-place migration from ext4 to btrfs on linux and its pros and cons. 142 views.

youtube video by dude in a V for Vendetta mask called "Linux for Hackers" where he goes over how to do the guided install for kali linux. 152K views.

(Selfies contain: eye contact, vegan sweets, provocative clothing)

E: Ok quengas, I think it’s time for a #reintroduction.
R: Yeah, when we did the other one we didn’t even understand Carmelita’s nature, haha.
C: Oh you knew :chick_devil_cute:​⁠💃⁠🔥⁠​🔱​ you were just in denial.
E: Look, I don’t believe in supernatural things, ok? It’s all just, like, a metaphor or something?
E: It’s not my fault if the daemonic spirit of carnality possessing my body disagrees (u.u )

E: Hi again fediverse! We’re the quengaral system, a bunch of crazy anarchist transfem witches inhabiting a hot Latina milf bod~ 💖
R: We’re the witch of mirrors.

Elilla: I’m Elilla (she)! I’m a binary high-femme diva. I like community, caring for people, pink and sparkly things.
Ramona: Hi I’m Ramona (she/they)! I’m something like a femby. I like fights, non-colonial ways of seeing, and revolution.
Carmen: Hi I’m Carmelita (she) ☆ I’m a travesti pombagira eshu and I like <censored>, <censored> and <censored>why are you censoring me :p
E: Otherwise we’d have to put half a dozen CWs in the introduction
C: Hnf (mock pouting) (actually she’s proud of this)

R: Ok so we’re a mixed, spiritual, amnesiac system rejecting medicalisation. Me and E. have been around in incipient forms, yay trauma, but we came to the front upon gender transition, which we experienced as a break in identity.
E: The first time I came through was crying, I cried so much
R: You still cry so much
E: Proud of it too ^.^

E: Carmelita came later. She just… _descended_, all at once.
C: rose
C: we come from below :chick_giggle:
R: Travestis are a transfeminine culture from Brazil. I don’t think this is fully documented anywhere, but many travestis claim special relationships with the female spirits of pleasure and freedom in umbanda shamanism.
E: You see a lot of "bitch wanted to backstab me but my pombagira is stronger than hers", that kinda thing.
C: Your kind has attracted my kind since forever
C: Tasty treats ♥
E: Didn’t really expected that to happen to me – I was a proud skeptic, remember – but honestly it’s the best thing to have happened in my girly girl life
E: I love her. she’s brought us so much. we _are_ so much, being her
E: Highly recommend being possessed A+ would become legion for we are many
C: you’re well on the way hon ^.~

R: Properly C. is not a purely exogenous personality but something like a plural self manifesting the influence of a spirit guide.
R: Though this is true of all possession. The metaphor umbanda mediums like to use is lattes: the spirit is the coffee and the medium the milk, and what you see is the mix, to various degrees.
C: We’re a 50/50 pingado blend :chick_coffee:
R: Carmen said it’s pretty common for mediums to be plural to being with, what is called "animism" or "mystification" in our tradition.
C: Makes the whole process easier, you know?

R: The three of us are highly verbal and talk mentally all the time. E. and I co-front and switch often, C. fronts too more on special occasions…
C: …for now 🔥
E: I was fronting first and R. was a protector, did emerge to protect us in a few very memorable occasions.
R: I’m out more regularly now.
R: This written sketch format has been highly productive for us too.
C: you still ain’t seen nothing. you’ll ~really~ enjoy the experiences you’re going to get in the near future :)

E: We have a couple less talkative sysmates.
mirrorgirl: Hii 👋
E: (smile) Mirrorgirl is who I used to call "Girl Who Could Never Have Been". She’s our counterfactual self from a chlidhood where we got to be a girl.
R: She’s not simply an inner child but a Promised Child—not a hurt child to protect, but someone who burns down the school then jumps its walls.
m: And don’t look back. I’m a *girl* and I did *not* deserve that, fuck all of them.
R: (wiping tears from the body as we write this) Therefore she’s the Girl Who Can Now Be 😌
R: She shows us drawings from behind the mirror. She’s the only one of us who can use the mind visually, the rest of us can’t conjure images.
m: I'm an artist (=^_^=)

E: Then there’s niichan.
(E. gesture towards the vast, boundless sea.)
R: Big bro is our identity from before transition. He’s dead.
E: We glance him on the mirror from time to time. We used to have a phobia of mirrors, from way back in girlhood, you know? It was scary. We long called him "the doppelgänger".
R: Then with Carmen’s guidance we brought him back via necromancy to have a chat (Carmen has a thing for making us play with our fears). He’s not a terrible guy, turns out. He fought a lot for us to be out.
E: Doesn’t talk or front. Niichan didn’t really liked existing, you know? I think he was in some ways a protector, too, a shell over us. And now he rests beneath the sea.
R: We call him "deadname", or "the draugr".

R: We have codified our mirrormagick as spells here:
R: All of them work even if you don’t believe in magic
R: Magic believes in you ;)

#introduction #plural

Upcoming Instagram changes warn users to accept activity tracking to "Help keep Instagram free of charge" 🙄 #deleteInstagram

selfie, weird camera effect that's potentially anxiety inducing 

making do in lockdown

the fact of gay people being, to some degree, visible — let alone safe, organized, or powerful — is likewise unstable. what we have accomplished is already being co-opted by capitalism. we gay people, or some of us judged unacceptable by the new 'tolerance,' can be forced back underground again.

the difference, in my opinion, is that the instability of gay people's well-being has an exit condition in the reorganization of society to eradicate the violent enforcement of gender and, self-dually, heterosexuality.

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selfie, ec 

maybe I'm really glad to have returned to a point where I feel good about 1) wanting to take selfies in the the first place, and 2) find things I like about them, even in the ones I'm not a huge fan of, like this one?

(pronouns in bio uwu)

re-introducing myself as Tubbyist. my principal politics are be naked, be colorful, frolic, and become the definition of unending and torturous nightmares residing dormant in the heads of your oppressors until they shut their eyes when they step into your world of horrors until they become afraid to even blink and witness the tubby of retribution glaring back from their own eyelids.

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(jordan peterson voice) mario... this chidlike figure, stuck in perpetual adolescence, only at times able to affect adulthood thru possession of the 'mushroom', the substitute phallus... he is constantly trying to redeem the divine feminine from the chaos dragon yet is unable to truly possess her due to his refusal to transcend the anal-oral fixation indicated in the shape of the 'pipe' he travels down...

new type of guy: reply guy but tsundere. folder full of essay length comments he's never sent because it's n-not like he wants to educate you or anything, baka!

Delete Chrome. Now.

Google is using its exceptionally powerful position to make *the browser itself* analyze your browsing behavior and serve that on a plate in the form of "cohorts" to anyone interested.

They are transforming Chrome into a "browsing-history-passport" - right now.

If you care about your intellectual freedom even a little bit, you must put Chrome out of your life as soon as possible. Support others doing the same.


straight people small talk: how'S the sports? is the weather outside? I hate my wife!

gay people small talk: I have IBS, here's my deepest trauma, my parents hate me, do you want to hear my slam poetry?

Dear Spotify: don’t manipulate our emotions for profit

Take a stand against Spotify
's recent speech-recognition patent that claims to detect “emotional state, gender, age, or accent” to recommend music.

Music services shouldn't be using covert surveillance in their products.

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