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why would you even put microchip trackers into a vaccine, if the adtech industry already exists?

My phone camera is old and scuffed and it makes me look like my soul is leaving my body

Cw eye contact

So I superimposed a photo with its inverted image and I think I have found my aesthetic after 35 years of being a human

sometimes you just need a day or two to be like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

and then you clean up and be a normal human again


Aren't there days when you feel you could just squeeze a twink real tight against your naked chest because for me that's a mood

what if trans people could prescribe hrt to each other

@queer_oddity tbh regardless of your actual gender you can still just be a catgirl or a catboy if you so desire

catboy trans girl? catgirl trans boy? catboy enby? hell yeah go for it

Regardless of your agab you can just be a catgirl or a catboy if you so desire, no one can stop you

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