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why is every LinkedIn email low key menacing. "seven people visited your profile" "heather, you're getting noticed" "you cannot run, the agency has issued a contract"

selfie, eye contact 

Sometimes we're just like, where the fuck did this girl come from?

"silly" is a word I use a lot. it’s one of my favourite English words, one I miss when speaking other languages. it's a thing I like being, it's a thing I like seeing, and it's a way to describe this thing that is not ableist or based on white pseudoscience like "intelligence".

even historically, unlike most related terms, it's not a slur against disabled or neurodiv people. it comes from 'happy, blissful; kind, good'. Proto-Germanic *sēliz. (ugla I know you’re reading this, it’s sæll/säll).

it is cousin to 'console' and 'solace'.

it is the name of the Seelie.

104 years later and marcel duchamp STILL lives rent free in the heads of traditionalists lmfaooooo

Fuck "Bob" if he can't take a joke!!!

#Emacs brain is like: M-x Linux? Are they finally running kernels off of Emacs now? 🤔

Men will reorganize the Republic into the first Galactic Empire instead of going to therapy

So today is both Star Wars day and titty Tuesday

My brain: "may the tiddy be with you"

Reminder that you don't owe ANYONE an explanation about your gender, physical transition, or wardrobe. I only encourage coming out in situations where, #1 it is SAFE, and #2, it will make you more comfortable.

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