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If you post images of text with no description and no cw it removes your followers ability to use filters for content they can't handle right now.

* no TSA/security theater
* no ID checks or mandatory gendering
* free wifi
* quiet car (the conductor cheerfully described it as "a library-like atmosphere")
* not overbooked (i have both seats to myself at the moment)
* normal atmospheric pressure and air circulation
* get to watch the landscape zip by
* traveling slowly eases jet lag and locale disorientation

highly recommend

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ok so we want to collect your dna and put it in a big database

americans: hmm i dunno about that. i dont really trust the government with that kind of stuff

what if it was a private corporation and it helped you do race science

americans: oh hell yeah. i fucking love racism. sign me the fuck up

BREAKING: a federal judge has ruled that suspicionless searches of travelers’ cell phones, laptops, and other electronic devices when we cross the U.S. border are unconstitutional.

This is an enormous victory for privacy.


> “Can everyone hear me ok? I hate microphones” says Dr McQuietvoice, who will now proceed to mumble quietly for the rest of the hour, occasionally pointing at a PowerPoint

I just saw a speaker handle this in a really skillful way:

- Dr. McQuietvoice: Can anyone not hear me?
[No hands go up]
- Other Speaker: Would anyone benefit from us being louder?
[Many hands go up]
- Dr. McQuietvoice: …Oh. I guess I'll use the microphone

Framing *matters* for accessibility

Mental health; Comparing Tumblr to fedi, why I like fedi better 

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Please CW holiday stuff. All of it. Even the happy stuff can be triggering for some of us (including me).

Mornin folks, quick reminder before Christmas advert season really kicks off. Corporations are not your fucking friend no matter how woke or friendly they seem.


After deleting all of the files off the active drive I've backed up, I'm now running the VMware tool to make a VM out of windows. So far, it's been pretty easy. We'll see if it actually works and if I can convert it to a Virtualbox VM without too much trouble still.

Alright so it ran all night and finally finished. Now to move and delete all the files so it's basically just the OS to shrink down to the VM

Eesh, didn't expect USB 2.0 to be sooo slooww. It's been 7 hours, and I'm 195 GB / 1 TB. I'm hoping it speeds up once it starts hitting empty space. At this point I'm going to leave it overnight and hope my external HDD has enough space for it all.

Update so far - hours of windows updates before doing anything. Finally got that set. Now using Puppy Linux and dd for my bit copy in case everything goes to shit. Should be several hours while that runs, then off to the races with VM nonsense.

I'm embarking on a journey this weekend. Plan is to 1. Backup old desktop 2. Convert windows install to VMware VM using free trial 3. Convert VMware VM to virtualbox VM 4. Write down process to repeat for my mother's computer

[Follow-up] Do you use Google's keyboard "Gboard"? Please boost for more votes.

Gotta call the front desk, this stupid microwave won't give me back my hot pocket

steven universe is important to show to your newly gay friends

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