@SwindlerOfInsanity Thiiiiis is what i was hoping for thank you thank you thank you! I'm good on this project but this will help me with future projects :D

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A lot of rambling about abusive tech and people who code it 

Years ago now I worked a gig that was doing some crap with ISP-grade software that was not great for privacy/safety.

When I realized what was going on I started making noise. I began filing bug reports against privacy/safety/freedom breaches I identified, they got ignored. I finally went up my management chain going "We can't sell this, it's abusive!"

I dunno if it was my cage-rattling or someone else's that got to the CEO, but he eventually announced to the company something to the tune of "We're not alone in this emerging market. If we don't do this, others will anyway so really we're not doing anything that won't happen anyway"

And that stuck with me, because at the time I didn't have a coherent argument against it. Now? My stance on it is pretty solid-- we need far more ethics training than we get now, and we need a union or unions to back up refusal to do this crap on moral and ethical grounds.

So many people in tech feel helpless because they can just ultimately be replaced. It may HURT to replace some people, but the entire industry is kind of a meat grinder and everyone is just a cog in the machine. If you refuse to turn, the org cuts you and spends 3 days to 3 months training a fresh grad to replace you, depending on role.

People need the training to identify the misuses of what they build, the conviction to refuse to build abusive software, and the backing from their peers when they put their foot down. We don't have any of that right now.

A lot of rambling about abusive tech and people who code it 

@trysdyn shit, that's a really good point. I'd always gone with, "Tech people don't have a union cause they get decent benefits and pay anyway", but this is a *really solid* reason to have a union anyway. One that protects us from being forced to code something that goes against the public good.

@Canageek Ooh, this is a nice resource. I don't see "exactly" what i'm looking for, but I am seeing a ton of really good stuff. Thank you!

@Jo I knew about CC.org but it seems to be images only :( I'll take a look at Bandcamp though!

Aside from Jamendo, does anyone have recommendations for where to find copyleft music for use in a charity project? Attribution is no problem, but has to be licensed for reuse.

Specifically looking for a techno dance remix of Mendelssohn’s Midsummer wedding march, but a place to search would be great!

@wingedseahorse @snep If true then i must have seen a weird indistinct person who has no face and i think maybe we should look into that

Fate/Grand Order, stupid media, trans stuff 

My headcanon seems *really frigging valid*

smh type/moon needs to take their heads out of their asses and just say outright that Mordred's a trans man, Astolfo's enby-femme, etc.

The text here says:
- Don't treat Mordred as a woman.
- Don't be obvious about treating Mordred as a man.

I read this as:
Tread Mordred like you would any other man. Don't make a show of it, just do it.

I feel like *other readings* of this are a stretch...

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Linux is a light and flaky pastry dough used for a variety of applications.

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My politics boil down to caring about other people

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I wish there was a socially acceptable, quick, casual set of gestures that would convey between 2 people whether they are open to being touched or not, with no stigma to neither the touch-happy nor the touch-averse.

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covid-19, shitposting, rewritten lyrics 

No one: ...

ableism PSA 

@GwenfarsGarden @artsyhonker

good alternative phrases:
- "What rock have you been living under?"
- "You're missing the forest for the trees..."- "We have a vulnerability when it comes to..."
- "There's a weak link in your logic..."
- "This kind of thing just wasn't on my radar..."
- "The system's achilles heel..."
- "you're putting a lot of faith in this assumption..."

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ableism PSA, sensitivity readers are great 

When I say "I used to mess this one up all the time" I mean "I engaged a sensitivity reader because I was unsure of something in my work that was actually massively offensive". They saved me from doing a hugely hurtful thing that would have been, at best, excruciatingly embarrassing.

It seemed really obvious, too, once it was explained.

I try to be a reasonably thoughtful person, but at the time I did that thing I just hadn't thought of it.

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uspol, covid-19, explaining a trend 

the US lying about its COVID-19 numbers and stopping tracking them to make it look like they're doing better they are in reality is simply the most recent example of a pervasive problem under American capitalism. Namely, that if you change the way you measure a problem so that it looks better, that's orders of magnitude cheaper than actually addressing the problem.

Evergreen examples off the top of my head, all from economics bc it's the worst offender in this:
- Federal poverty line is a laughably small amount so that it can be claimed that there's few people in poverty talkpoverty.org/2016/09/13/pov
- US unemployment statistics are juked to look better than they actually are. this one's a great parallel to COVID too bc it *used* to be measured in a more sensible way but they changed it bc it looked bad unemploymentdata.com/unemploym
- The USA doesn't even keep official track of under-employment, which is a massively pervasive problem forbes.com/sites/payout/2017/0

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it's easy as
1 2 3
baby you and me

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