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My headcanon seems *really frigging valid*

smh type/moon needs to take their heads out of their asses and just say outright that Mordred's a trans man, Astolfo's enby-femme, etc.

The text here says:
- Don't treat Mordred as a woman.
- Don't be obvious about treating Mordred as a man.

I read this as:
Tread Mordred like you would any other man. Don't make a show of it, just do it.

I feel like *other readings* of this are a stretch...

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No one: ...

sudo apt-get install lolcat;

git config --global --add alias.vomit "!git rev-list --all --format='%T%P%t' | sed ':a;/^commit/{N;s/\\n//;ba}' | lolcat"

git vomit