covid-19, giving 

I need help finding places to donate cash that will provide cash for displaced workers, parents with increased costs, etc. due to covid-19 shut downs. If anyone knows of a good place to direct funds, please let me know?

I'm in the fortunate position of being able to work from home for a company that is a little insulated from the effects of COVID-19, and I want to spread that to people who are affected.

I'll also update here if i find something useful.

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covid-19, giving 

@pigsflew i think there's a seattle artist's fund that just popped up
there's also always activity in the #crowdfund and #transcrowdfund tags

covid-19, giving 

@Moss Good call. I also just found the seattle foundation's covid-19 fund but they haven't started directing funds yet and I'm a little dubious about anyone whose partners start with the Ballmers and the Besozes

covid-19, giving 

@Moss Thank you for telling me about the Seattle Artists' Relief fund! I found this article [1] about it and it looks like a *really good fund* and she's already started direct giving. Below [2] is the direct link for the gofundme. I'm throwing in now.


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