PSA: posting your pronouns is acceptable and good and here's why:

whether you like it or not, your body sends gender signals on your behalf. We'll call these your involuntary gender cues.

You can add your own GCs, and they can agree or disagree with your IGCs, this is called Gender Performance/Presentation, and are *voluntary* gender cues. [1/2]

For whatever (read: Bad) reasons, humans are almost universally taught to favor involuntary GCs over voluntary when determining how to interact with someone else.

Declaring your pronouns is one extremely literal, extremely controllable GC that, yes, the ignorant may ignore, but allies will *respect*. [2/3]

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Having that be normal even from people who pass as their actual gender is invaluable when you *don't*, or when your gender is less obviously in our binary-centric society. Enby people are real and valid.

Posting your pronouns when you pass for your gender is how you normalize this invaluable signal for those less lucky than you.

Most baby trans people at some point will find pronoun declaration to be an important part of how they gain the respect that should be common courtesy. [3/3]

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