not knowing your grindr hookup’s name so you just call him “comrade”


us empire, guilt 

why doesnt britain just give northern ireland back

"go outside" they say. "Log off" they say. They don't realize I AM ALREADY OUTSIDE POSTING IN THE WOODS

holy fuck im lying down so hard this sheer non velocity is uncurling my hair and flappin my damn cheeks

Breaking: walmart workers unionizing, reddit 

I found a genuine 80s sweater in great condition that fits me perfectly at a thrift store for $5. This is the most concentrated shopping success I've ever had and I'll never be this fashionable again

One of my mulberry cuttings has tiny bumps that might be roots growing.... I'm so jazzed, I really want these to take!!! The source tree was so delicious.

Online trans spaces that are moderated by people who haven't been transitioning in real life for at least a year and a half, is like when you're at a book club and no ones read this weeks book but everyone pretending they have while getting into heated debates over its themes and plot points.

if you think the main problem with socialism is bureaucracy i have some bad news for you about the structure of literally every corporate or government agency

Sometimes I think the best praxis for our stage of neoliberalism would be like a "national rat on your boss day" or "spy on your workplace day," where everyone collectively exposes the absurdity, corruption, exploitation, and/or corner-cutting in their workplace.

I could be pretty into a short dude with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove if that looked a little less "I'm exactly as manly and commanding as a tall man!" and a little more "if you bent down far enough you might be able to Suck My Ass"

Famine? Rampant.
Peasants? In revolt.
Intuitions? Corrupt.
Mandate of Heaven? Lost.

what should I do, I just found out my boyfriend is a centrist

Corporations urge SCOTUS to extend discrimination protections for LGBTQ workers 

If you’re not Native American but live in America, you should visit and look at whose land you live on.

I live on Muskogee Creek land.

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