I thought I could fix my own vibrator but it goes for a few seconds and then fades off and starts smoking. hmmmm 🤔

You have a weird lump on your body and all your eyes and brains are on that lump???

Creatures with radial symmetry and dispersed sensory organs would probably find the concept of a "head" disturbing

allow yourself to become entangled with things.

in between microwaving and eating this beef burrito I decided to become a pescatarian. Didn't really think that one through. whoops

Today I wanted to do nothing and I was tricked into doing two things. They were both good things but still

It’s officially #baturday ! Let’s kick it off with this adorable plushie

can we reclaim the term soyboy, i am a boy who eats a lot of soy and i fuckin rule

Using all my self-control to stop myself from Googling skanking while driving down the interstate

My first experience at a real dance club: they won't serve me a second drink because I'm so naturally spacey the bartender thinks I'm high. Lots of straight girls dancing. Loud. 1/10, not likely to repeat.

When the lyrics of the refrain change on the last repeat to create an alternative meaning.... brilliant. genius. mind blown.

saying the pledge of allegiance backwards 1,000 times to cancel out every time i recited it in elementary school, thus freeing myself from the state

I haven't had time to write all week or work on any personal projects and I'm sleep deprived so that may be part of the problem.

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In the Istanbul episode of Huang's World he ends up on the street where a gay pride parade is being held and he and his camera crew get tear gassed by riot cops

I was making myself mad about ancaps so I listened to an hour long youtube debate between an ancap and an anarcho-socialist and it was very painful but it worked because now I never want to think about ancaps again

a British youtuber: libertarian
Me: ah yes, libertarian in the European sense e.g. anarchist
British youtuber: Ayn Rand
Me: oh no

This is weird because I've been watching Fresh Off the Boat but I didn't really know who Eddie Huang was and now I'm like.... He grew up so good, I'm so proud

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