why the fuck cant you vote at work
-Karl Marx, 1854

Washing my clothes by hand and hanging them on a line to dry because it's peasant o'clock

Scraping at the hard, unforgiving ground in a small attempt to make something grow

Planted some plants I don't want anymore on my landlord's property. Technically this is guerilla gardening even though I'm 99% sure she won't mind

You only have to learn like, a little bit of history to figure out that the idea of "inevitable progress" in the form of a gradual linear march towards equality is total bunk. The issues we struggle over today have been fought over many times throughout history, and sometimes things got worse.

I want one of those hats that makes you look like a Welsh farmer in the 1910s

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use poly-inclusive language. instead of saying

“is your better half coming?”


“can we expect one of the many people who is objectively better than you?”

@nuttgodd the sheer power of just casually grabbing a Crunchwrap from your purse when you’re nowhere near a Taco Bell

Any person over 50: Why are all you kids socialists all of a sudden?
Me: The recession. It's because of the recession. The recession did it. The economy recessed. The recession. No money

Eight years ago all I wanted was to transition, move to a city, and live in a nice townhouse on a pretty street with a coffee shop. I actually achieved half of those things but it took too long and now I want to end capitalism

watching a horror movie when you have existentiaI dread is kind of like watching a tearjerker when you're sad

The best way to protect communities and minimize harm is to build a culture that acknowledges people's ability to do wrong, demand accountability for those wrongs as a condition for being a part of the community, and allow folks to have the capacity for growth and improvement

This is the way that Restorative Justice can be used to build strong communities and relationships.

If you want to read more about this, I recommend Conflict is Not Abuse by Sarah Schulman

I should really be on Truvada right now and I would be if it were less expensive. "generic will be available in fall 2020" give me a fuckin break

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Don’t let perfection get in the way of the things you love

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing poorly

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