Streaming more Remember Me over on !

Back at it with Nilin and Edge in the cyberslums of Neo-Paris! Time for more high-flying combat and heartbreaking memory sequences. Are we the baddies?

(CW Memory loss, memory manipulation, dementia)

Honestly still not over what a boon a new BL2 DLC intended to bridge the gap to BL3 is ahead of BL3's release

For owners of BL2 worried about BL3's content, it's essentially a free litmus test of where the writers are now versus 2012 without having to drop $60 on a new game and hope for the best or wait for early streams to find out

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Hot Take: Cayde is a good Destiny character and more "serious" games need a wisecracking character.

The snarkyness does a lot to just make things fun versus the traditional grimdark that things go into.

(but that's probably also why I love Amanda Conner comic runs because she knows how to balance the silly with serious without whiplash).

Finally caught the tiny robot trailer for Jedi: Fallen Order and I'm beginning to think Respawn are just very very good at making instantly likable robots at any size and that is a very good thing

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Duster, Lucas, Boney, and Kamitora had come together with a plan. Duster didn't really understand who he was, or what part he had to play in the battle to come, but he knew that finding the Egg would be the first step to finding out. Mother 3 continues next.


Streaming more A Plague Tale over on !

Back at it again in 1300s France with Amicia and Hugo and their new friends Melie and Arthur, time to escape the camp where we've been captured and find our way to safety, if there's any safe place left to be had...

CW for extreme gore, death, blood and rats

...okay we might have to stream the new BL2 DLC

I'm only an hour in and so far it's...very good. If we can engineer a playthrough that avoids any major landmines? We streaming this for sure

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Minecraft Resource Pack, Soda 

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(Other happy findings and then I swear I'll shut up and go to bed:)

(Dusa's VO is the same as Ti'zo, and Artemis and Nyx are both Shae's VO, so my faves from Pyre are also my faves in Hades and I could not be less surprised)

Also the voice of Cerberus is credited as Solo, one of the dev's actual dogs, w hich is maybe the single greatest credit in anything ever

So I went to go to bed like a good egg and instead I fell down an IMDb hole looking into voice talent for the various Supergiant games

Fun fact: the voice of Skelly (the excellent target dummy) is the same as Zagreus who spars with him, so Darren just gets to talk with himself for those scenes, which I fhink is adorable

Also Logan Cunningham has been the narrator in every SG game despite those voices being almost NOTHING alike

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The Pacific and Atlantic Oceans are lesbians. Sorry homophobes, that's just a fact :thinkergunsunglasses:

About to stream some Hades over on !

What happens when someone who is very bad at games plays a rogue-lite? We're about to find out as I'm finally dipping my toes into Hades (the game, not the place, hopefully), the latest from Supergiant who also brought us Pyre and Transistor. We're gonna die so, so many times...should be fun!

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I made a little horror game for the bitsy jam.

It's super small and a little weird but it's my first completed game so I'm happy with it.

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