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Hey so I have an everything-ache and I can't build LEGO tonight so instead let's play LEGO DC Super-Villains, a game that will absolutely get VOD-muted.

Coming up next!


Streaming more The Turing Test over on !

Ava and T.O.M. are on more equal footing now - let's see how they're able to work together to reach Sarah and any other surviving members of the dig team and get to the bottom of organism 119 and what to do about it, for the good of everyone...

mention of queerphobia, self-harm, suicide, and depression Show more

mention of queerphobia, self-harm, suicide, and depression Show more

mention of queerphobia, self-harm, and suicide Show more

mention of queerphobia, self-harm, and suicide Show more

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Fascism masquerading as communism means no building in the walled city. That's a dumb law.

Minecraft Story Mode continues next.


Streaming the finale of Tales from the Borderlands over on !

It's all come down to this. Who is the mysterious stranger, really? What happened to Athena? And how will years of arcade gaming somehow help us save Pandora? Let's find out together!

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More Shapes! More Friendship! I'm continuing with Thomas Was Alone tonight, a story about just the BEST rectangles you could ever meet. Join me on this journey!

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Streaming more Assassin's Creed Syndicate over on !

Jacob has gotten all buddy-buddy with the leader of the rival gang working for Starrick. Could this be the start of my foes to lovers fic becoming canon? Let's find out!

I've been trying to get through Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight because it's very cute and clever but the lead dev is very much a Dark Souls fan and it shows in a lot of the encounter/level design ^^;

I don't know if I'm going to get good enough at this game to stream it, right now it's just running into walls and getting lost a lot. It's probably a great game - I just don't think I can play it -_-

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Salsa was just a monkey, what could be so important as to hurt him so?
The world was falling apart around us, and we had no idea what to do, or what was to come.

Mother 3 continues next.


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Watching @overclicked play A Plauge Tale and.. memes have ruined me. Just, as a person.

Streaming A Plague Tale over on !

Time for rats! No but really - it's time to venture back to picturesque dark ages Europe and try to keep ourselves and our kid brother safe from villainous guards and swarms of angry plague-infested rat friends. Let's get gross!

(CW: rats, gore, blood, death - it's gonna be messy and creepy, please take care of yourselves)

Okay I may have found a way to fix the FOV in Close to the Sun so we can stream it after The Turing Test.

I also learned this morning that the console version of Mirror's Edge: Catalyst has a baked-in FOV slider (THANK YOU DEVS), so that may be on the list in the future as well :3

Getting to "no more white dude protags" is going so much easier than expected and I kind of love it

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