along with the exhortations to new folks to use content warnings, I would like to exhort masto veterans to be patient with new users, and to *please* include explanations of common abbreviations so the new folks can get a handle on them. examples:
pol = politics
uspol = US politics
mh = mental health
tf = transformation
+/- signs = positive or negative modifiers, so "uspol +" would refer to a story about US politics that is actually good (for a change).

feel free to reply to this with other common-ish examples if you can think of them!

@ouchiness like when a human turns into a werewolf, or an Autobot turns into a car. to be honest I'm not sure why there's a convention of CWing "tf" posts, other than maybe "transformation" is too long to write out? XD it's sometimes lewd/NSFW, but if it is that's usually mentioned in the CW as well.

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