longish, the saga of Mr. and Mr. Wa 

the letter: You Are Cordially Invited
to the Wedding
of Luigi and Rio, to be made
Mr. and Mr. Wa,
on April 20th, 2012
Please RSVP!

Mario: is this a joke?
Luigi: why would-a they be kidding about-a this, Mario
Mario: I dunno, Rio's always-a fuckin' with—
Luigi: this is what I mean when I say you're kind of homophobic, Mario.
Mario: seriously??
Luigi: Mario, I'm-a serious. why would it be funny to pretend-a to get-a gay married?
Luigi: also, they've-a been together for ten years, it's about-a time
Mario: WHAT


longish, the saga of Mr. and Mr. Wa 

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longish, the saga of Mr. and Mr. Wa 

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