i need a podcast where they just read wikipedia articles

multiple people named Albert are known as Alsbert

for Patrick, it's Patsrick

Steves are just Steves, nothing special there

Gary is a unique case though, as the noun remains singular, eg "look at all those Gary over there, I must have wandered into an orthodontists' convention"

normative life stage theories & developmental timelines presume cisness & straightness (in addition to class privilege, access to which is racially stratified, & ability); the idea that you will have already dated in high school, that you will find a spouse by roughly 26, and that you will spend your thirties raising school-age children is deeply straight.

gay and trans people have experiences of age as a social comparison that are completely unintelligible within heterosexual concepts of time.

'particle' is a technical grammar term meaning 'i dont really know what else to call this'

im in a class with only one other student in it and shes not gonna be here today so this should be interesting

might fuck around and react to some stimuli later. just something i'm considering

Megafauna is mega-fun-a!!
^a sign you could put up at a natural history museum exhibit about megafauna

autism, mh (kinda -), idk how to cw this? Show more

*wanders into the st patricks day parade with a bright red shirt that says "pocałuj mnie, jestem polakiem"* hey whats going on here

Visited a friend’s office and, while waiting for him, I stood admiring the many fish he has mounted on his walls. I was most enamoured with a magnificent bass, when suddenly– would you believe!– it turned to look right at me! I was stunned! More so when it began to sing: Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry Be Happy” in a precise likeness of that singer’s voice. Well I was quite paralysed with fear! Before my friend could return to corroborate this, the fish stopped. Am I losing my mind? Help me Reddit

"excité" sounds like a cognates for excited right? wrong, it means horny.

"m'introduit" sounds like a cognates for introduced me? nope, it's inserted in me.

"preservatifs" sounds like a cognates for preservatives? it means condoms.

but "bonheur??" means happiness.

sometimes it feels like French is designed to trap you.

Baisser = To Lower
Baisser = To Fuck
Beaucoup = A Lot
Beau Cûl (pronounced basically the same, but with the other French U) = Nice Ass
J'ai chaud = I am hot (verb is "to have")
je suis chaud = I am horny (verb is "to be")

etc etc

Some university needs to give an honorary degree to the kid who yolked that racist asshole in Australia so he can officially be known as Dr. Eggman.

"a webcomic whose trans dude protagonist is rescued from his suicide attempt by an amateur demon and her drag queen older brother and gets involved in the demonic criminal underworld through a transdimensional extreme BDSM club whose bisexual minotaur proprietor wants to make bank off of the parasitic demon-wasps that have been eating the main character's flesh since birth"

sound interesting? please read Tales from the Brink, it's by my friend and it's SO good and cool


We hear about states rights & shit a lot when it comes to the racist and homophobic shit conservatives want to do. BUT states rights is an excellent decentralization of power from the executive branch. Fed wages too low? A state can raise it. Not enough protections for civil rights? A state can amend its constitution to implement it. No free public college? A state can make its colleges tuition free/funded w tax dollars. Its a tool to protect ourselves against a corrupted administration.

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