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if i had a domovoi in my apartment it would probably be pretty pissed off at me actually

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@byttyrs i consider spreading homoerotic patrick stewart content something of a personal vocation

the real victims of terf bangs are the art hoes who had this haircut stolen from them, but y'all aint ready for that conversation obviously

i started looking up explicitly cat posi religions yesterday but all i really got were islam and kemeticism

don't talk to me about politics but I'm an Islamist on this point. when the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) said "Affection for cats is part of faith," I felt that

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ranking religions on whether they explicitly mandate loving cats

I think that, instead of making a new movie about the Jocker every time a man wants to prove he has edgy acting chops, they should simply write one stage play about the Jocker so they can all have their Hamlet moment but for the Jocker instead of Hamlet

no daoist but i am just having a good time reflecting on the unreality of human models of reality. the gender that is gendered is not the eternal gender etc

you: gender is a spectrum
me: no!!!!!
you: autism is a spectrum
me: the 'spectrum' metaphor has more specific content than 'people are different from each other'!!!!
you: fuckin', uhh, XXY Syndrome is a spectrum
me: spectra are one-dimensional, totally-ordered, and have well-defined endpoints!! it is a bad model for almost all variation in complex traits!!!!

homer: daughter, play the clarinet for your father

lisa: do you ask me to perform for thee or our lord? are we not under his roof always?

marge: you are a putrid husk, a shadow of a way long laid destitute by the christ, fragments of shallow sin

bart: sister, perform for our merriment

lisa: i will perform but not for your merriment

homer: i will not miss you come judgement day

well my mums a woman and my dads a man so of course im non binary. thats just genetics.

its actually really rude that the library doesnt constantly have audiobooks available for download that 100% match whatever my current hyperfocus is


tbh anyone who goes on about how only new york has good bagels is just being a snob, the only bad bagels are those squishy ones you buy in a bag from the grocery store

Salem, MA in every Halloween movie: quaint, small colonial New England town where spooky happenings go down

Salem, MA in real life: a 40,000 person city full of chintzy tourist traps that’s absolutely mobbed by out-of-towners every autumn

@nunchler sure am glad I'm experiencing the full gamut of emotions unlike my cis family

i love to be trans and experience the extra emotions that cis people arent allowed to have

discussions of transphobia 

but doing that for trans women is harder. you dont get more status for being a woman. so they scratch their heads trying to figure out why someone would do that and just throw up their hands and go "idk, weird sex stuff. mental illness maybe."

so like. this whole media framework where trans men are erased and trans women are pathologized is just fanfiction based on a cis inability to just accept that we experience things that they dont

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discussions of transphobia 

for trans men, its easy. they invent narratives in which trans men transition to escape sexism. mulan wants to get in the army. yentl wants to study torah. the inferior role of women in society necessitates that they become men to do so. this is how trans men have been consistently erased from our own stories- cis ppl cant imagine us as men so they imagine us as women fleeing patriarchy

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discussions of transphobia 

the documentary disclosure was good and also made something click in my head about cis representations of trans people, im sure its not a new thought but i never put it together in this way so i thought id verbalize it

fundamentally, the problem is that cis people dont get why we transition. the answer is we just do; it feels good for us to do it. but they cant accept that; they need a more concrete reason for us to do so. so they make them up

Catholicism was right about transsubstantiation. other denominations water down the cannibalism and refuse to commit to that literally being the body of Christ because they are cowards

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