Hey welcome to my pondcast (throws the microphone in to a pond)

“Since the late 80s, my office has been collecting used staples that were removed from documents that needed to be microfilmed/scanned. Here is that collection.”

Source: imgur.com/KbggYAk

courtly bro love. just courtly love between two bros

Downloading shocking furry porn on my government computer to trigger a supreme court case so controversial that they'll never have time to hear an abortion case and overturn Roe v. Wade. It's called direct action sweetie.

I was so happy when the love of my dreams proposed to me... I will never forget what I told them: "I would love to marry you... But you and I both know: the posts come first."

bing dot com running up that hill 10 hour loop

somebody: you HAVE a body. you ARE a soul
me: I AM a body. I'm MADE of ghosts

I am waiting at the entrance of Mastodon with my sword just in case a Krassenstein tries to sneak in

I want to never see, hear, or otherwise suffer an advertisement at all in any context. I think this is a perfectly reasonable demand, and it's one that the owning class would literally rather die than peacefully allow

the best thing about media crit is that i can decide whether media as a thing matters or not at the drop of a dime. bloop it's hegemony bloop it's bourgeois liberalism bloop it's superstructure. i don't give a shit, I'm in charge of the argument now

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just bought a new houseplant today. between me and my gf we have six houseplants now

fellas: is it gay to wash your body? like you are literally touching a man's ass,, ,

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these days, it can seem like almost EVERYONE is puppy

If I die on a Ferris wheel in a salt mine in Romania, know I lived well.

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